Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Craft: (pt. 2) Scratch Off Valentines

Question: How do you keep boys entertained during a Valentine's Day craft project?

Answer: "Boy-a-fy" the project.

 Today's project was brought to you by some really cool mom volunteers who decided to come up with "boy-a-fied" craft projects for our district tween event.

Valentine's Vomit & Scratch Off Valentine's Day Cards.
Part one told how to make the "Valentine Vomit."
You can find that post here.

In part two of this project,
we make the "Scratch Off" Valentine Cards.

Note: this isn't an original idea - in fact a quick survey of Pinterest shows how you can use this in the classroom (click here for one idea I found!) I'm pretty sure the cards were inspired by Pinterest!

So here's how you can make really cool "scratch off" 
(a.k.a. lottery style) Valentine's Day cards in four easy steps.

Step 1) Gather your supplies & make your "base card."
The Supplies: Clear dish soap & silver paint, paint brush, contact paper (and scissors to cut it to size) and your Valentine's Day card.

The Card: Create your "base" card. Make sure you leave a space for the hidden message.

In our case, the card read:  
"I think you're a WINNER!
(Scratch here to reveal your prize!)

Below which, there was a rectangle approx. an inch tall by three inches long - for the hidden message.

Step 2) Write your message in the space you want them to "scratch off."

Here's a message one ornery girl wrote for her parents - got to love tween girls!

Step 3) Cover the "hidden message" with clear contact paper.

The clear contact paper "protects" your message - and gives you a way to "scratch it off without smearing the ink.

Step 4)  Cover the contact paper with your paint/soap mixture. Basically two parts silver (metallic) paint to one part dish soap.

Repeat as necessary to make all of your cards! Lay them out to dry (they dried pretty fast!)

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