Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Craft (pt. 1) - Fake Vomit

Question: What do you do, when you have a tween gathering (from various churches) and want to make a Valentine's Day craft?

Answer: "Boy-a-fy" it!

Tonight (Friday) We had a gathering of tweens (a.k.a. fifth and sixth graders) from several district churches. We met at a central location, ate some yummy pizza, played a fun game - Grog - and created some care bags for a homeless ministry.

Of course, it wouldn't be a kid event without doing a craft or two. The moms in charge came up with some "boy-approved" Valentine's Day projects - Valentine's Vomit and Scratch-off Valentine's Day cards.

I know both of these ideas aren't original - but I was suitably impressed by the creativity and wanted to share the ooey-goey fun!

How to make the Valentine's Day Vomit in six simple steps!

Step 1) Gather your ingredients & supplies
Ingredients: Oatmeal, Rice Krispies, Spounges, Clear Elmer's Glue, Food Coloring (red or orange), and extra special ingredients - to make Valentine's Vomit, we used conversation hearts.

Supplies: A paper plate, bowl, spoon and plastic bag for each participant.

Oatmeal - the main ingredient

Rice Krispies - you'll just use a little!

Pieces of sponge - each child got one stick.

Clear Elmer's Glue with a hint of color - added by food coloring!
Step 2) Make the "Base" of your vomit.
Fill the bottom of a bowl with oatmeal. Add a "pinch" of Rice Krispies (Oats are the "main" filler for this project.)

Step 3) Add in the sponge and "extra ingredients"

The extra ingredients in this "mess" were conversation hearts - to give it that "Valentine's Day" charm.

Step 4) Cover the ingredients with glue.

Step 5) When it's "covered" and has enough to have a "wet" look (and be held together), pour it out onto the plastic bag (or you could use wax paper at home).

Step 6) Smooth it out onto the plastic bag (on the plate), so it can dry.
Nothing says "I love you" like fake vomit.

Happy Valentine's Day.
Tomorrow (Saturday) Part 2 - Scratch Off Valentine's Day Cards!

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