Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twelve on the Twelfth: February 2012

For the second month in a row, I jumped on the "Take 12 on the 12th" bandwagon, and set out on Sunday to take 12 photos that represented a typical Sunday.

Since I am a children's pastor, I thought it would be kind of fun to take "representative" photos of my day.

Well you can look at the results in two ways - 1) I was really busy and took a lot of photos or 2) I really "failed" the assignment because I took 32 photos (and since several are collabs, the number is actually closer to 50).

Lots of photos. I could probably "cut" a few, but since I wanted to document my day....well.... this is me, glitches and all.

As my dad would say, morning comes "awfully' early" on Sunday.
I actually got up at 6:30 a.m.
 - but wasn't awake enough for a few minutes. it's cold outside. The prediction of the "s" word (snow)
means the kiddos are a wee bit crazy.
A February Self Portrait
What I put in the mail to mom today - no, it's not a Valentine
I found a "missing" Mother's Day Card in my car....
I really thought I mailed this....oh well.
Yes mom, it's in the mail.....surprise! 
Look what arrived in my box -  yea, a new book by a writing friend.
I find it ironic that tonight's MAD+ lesson on Patient revolves around
the story of Sarah and Abraham.
A new sign above my office door. Sometime in the last few days,
this appeared above my door - Wahoo!
One of my Sunday duties includes putting the attendance folders
in each classroom - and moving the carts into the
younger elementary classes (preschool to first grade). 
My first Valentine of 2012: From Gabi and Micah.
Micah didn't want to be in the picture. Gabi made me a trinket box,
and the both gave me a "share of trees" through Heifer International.
Through the looking glass: A glimpse of the fourth grade class.
the last two weeks, we've had a "helper":but no teacher - so the
students have decided they can lead the lesson. It's worked so well,
I've "scheduled" pairs of girls for the next two weeks.
(the boys were offered a chance to teach,
but they don't want the responsibility).

I'm kind of excited to see how this continues. I'm excited that the kids
take initiative and be part of their learning experience.
Organizing the lesson for MAD+. I'm keeping the main lesson, but
changed some of the activities to be "Valentine's related."

I'm learning how to "step out of the box" and try to make the
lesson fit the "DNA" of my students. Maybe it's not so much
"learning" as giving myself permission to try other things.
Shopping the closet to find supplies for MAD+'s lesson.
I wish the closet was organized. It was...but people keep "cleaning"
other closets and putting the excess in my closet. I'm now calling it
the abyss because it's sooooo cluttered. 
Two of the girls who make me smile, Emily and Katlyn.
Each of these girls have qualities that make my  heart sing.
I'm so blessed to have them be part of my life and my ministry.
Poor Philip. I exercised my privilege as a children's pastor
to "embarrass" him - and sing Happy Birthday to him in
front of his class.  I told the other kiddos that I freely
reserve the right to embarrass them at least once a year.
Passing out fliers of upcoming activities. Trying to not only
email or post info about events, but also going a bit "old school"
and passing out fliers in each Sunday School class.
Worship. I went to VE and ended up in the sound booth for a moment
and caught a glimpse of Katie dancing with Spencer on the monitor.
Lunch: I have a love/hate relationship with Mexican food.
I love it, but it doesn't always love me. Took a chance - it will
be a while before I eat it again. Oh well.
Had to pick up a few things for MAD+ and realized I hadn't thought
about Valentines for my kiddos. Bought Muppet cards for MAD+
and candy (to go with the iPhone treats I printed off) for Tween Time.
A few treats for the special kiddos in my life.
You can't see it well - but I sent home and watched Netflix while
I worked on Valentines and watched TV. It was a brief "rest" in
the middle of my busy day.
Scratch Off Valentines. Decided to make cards in MAD+.
Since it was Valentine's, we had silver, red or pink paint
to choose from. Why stop with just silver?
Playing the HA HA Game - because Sarah laughed in our story.
It didn't work quite like I remembered from
my own youth group days. Oh well. The kids had fun. 
Can you unwrap a Hershey Kiss with one hand? Micah, Landon
and Rachel were the first to show it is possible.

A fun lesson in Patience. They had to be patient and keep working
to open the "kiss".... but the reward was getting to eat chocolate!
Another lesson in patience. Playing Cupid's Arrow.
(A fuller post will follow outlining the game).

Found the idea on line, and let the kids play.
(You have to have patience to try to hit the baskets
with your arrows - the Qtips!)
A quick Facebook update before heading home.
Everyone is predicting bad weather tomorrow.
The church mouse got fed. Ran by to ask Marcia a
question at youth snack supper and they had left overs...
So I ate! Yum Yum.
My second home. I really meant to take a pic of the church during
the daytime, but I got busy and forgot - so here's a snap
on my way out of the parking lot.
The forecast that caused the kids to be CRAZY tonight
at MAD+ and Choir. 
Stopping to get gas on the way home.
Yes, my mom will see this and say "you aren't keeping the
top half of your tank full."

I look at it and remember, that at one point in life, this would have just cost me $11.42. Oh to have gas below $3 (or $2) again.
Making a cup of hot tea after a long day.
I realized today, that I probably use this at least once a day.
I'll either use tea bags or k-cups, but regardless, it's the
Christmas present I told my family I didn't want, and the
present I use almost every day. So I guess they were right
to ignore what I said and get it for me anyway.
Updating the kidz ministry blog from home, to let Upward basketball
families know the "plan" should we have a snow day on Monday.
Updating my own blog. So far this year, I've managed to
have a post per day. Some are blog tour reviews, but others are
just my ramblings. It's making me write - or at least be creative.

Maybe this is a way to rest - because it makes me
stop and  do something I enjoy!
Updating my "Project 365" photos for February.
I've figured out how to edit the text - so when I print off the
photobook pdf thru the app.

This is just a fun way to document my day - and again
make me stop and rest through a creative outlet. 
Last thing for the day - trying to read from the Bible
using the YouVersion app. I'm taking the 21 day challenge
trying to read each day.

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  1. Hallo, I just LOVED this creative blog and your whole blog. I saw you on Goodreads and I just loved it. I have the same "problems" going on. I write (just published a novel yesterday, want to do a review for me?) I do art! Love it. I do creative things with my daughter for missions and I am a missionary. Never knew how to get all in one blog but you gave me a fabulous idea! I loved the video too of your kids, the bracelets...(last year we made 200 of them) and I ,,,,well loved it all. Luisette Kraal


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