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Lenten Journey 2012: A "Road Map" For Kidz

First off, let me say, I'm a Lenten nerd. Ever since I had the blessing to work on the Destination: Easter project for Abingdon Press oh, so long ago, I've loved digging into everything surrounding Lent, and finding ways to make it "come alive" for the kidz in my ministry..

It's still available for the grand price of $4!
Just be prepared to laugh at some of the dated things!
So when I saw an idea shared by Jessie, a fellow children's pastor, at a recent meeting, I was intrigued.   She found it a few years ago on the web, and had successfully used it in her ministry.

I took one look at it and LOVED it. Some of the items were either created by Jessie and not electronic - so she could share - or not available anymore. So I found myself working on (and adding to) the "Great Lenten Road map of 2012."

I really hope this will be a good resource not only for my ministry, but also for others looking for a way to unpack Lent for their students.The one that Jessie had was made like a "lap book" and had you fold the file folder in a "tri-fold" - like the sample below.

The front view of the "tri-fold" version

The inside view of the "tri-fold" version.
But since Jesus was "cut" down the middle (I really didn't like cutting the coloring sheet in half) AND because I would be folding a TON of the folders this way - I decided to stick with the "normal" folds.

"New version" front
"New version" inside.

I loved the Lenten map - it's like an "advent calendar" for Lent - the resource was created by Honestly, it works as a great "focal" point for this project. It was one of the original items from Jessie's lap book that was still available. Links on this site gave me other ideas for the individual pieces.

The Lenten Navigational Page - Made by
You can download the "map" directly from or here!

With each piece, I tried to include a "little bit more" that could not only teach the students in my kidz ministry, but also their parents. I figured this is a multi-generational project!

The original lapbook idea Jessie used - which you can see here - included the plus and minus card. I added the info about fasting, taking a lot of it from what we wrote in Destination: Easter.

Outside View (pst. the bad "type" break has been fixed!)
Inside View

It also included a "prayer slip" spot  - see the original idea here - that helped give the kids "prompts" for their Lenten prayers. I changed it a bit - and made the pictures so they could be colored by the kids.

The original lap book also contained a Stations of the Cross booklet - which is no longer available. I looked online for a suitable replacement, but found myself re-typesetting it for two reasons.

First, the original was designed for Catholic users - which is great, but did contain non-Biblical stations. By re-creating it, I was able to focus on the Biblical stations (I used the list we created for Destination: Easter). This journey walks through the Gospel of Matthew, using the other gospels as secondary sources.

Second, I wanted this resource to include a small space, which could be used as a mini-journal, leaving space for either notes, journaling or even pictures. An added bonus: The clipart I used made it a "coloring book" version, which I think will make the youngest students happy.

A Journey To The Cross Cover (yes, same image as the front)

The inside view

I also included some recipes - so kidz could have some activities to do with their parents.

One is for soft pretzels, which were often made just during Lent. I included some information about the tradition surrounding the pretzel - how monks would shape it upside down, to look like a traditional form of prayer (arms crossed over your chest), as well as the recipe.

Outside view of the pretzel card.
Inside view of the pretzel card.

The other recipes were included in a "don't open until Easter weekend" card. They include an "empty tomb biscuits" (thanks Julie for reminding me about them) and Resurrection Cookies.

Both could be made on Holy Saturday, for Easter Sunday treats.In this folder, I "tucked" it under the "road map" so it could be "revealed" at the end of Lent.

I ended up making it so it could be tucked
behind the "map" and revealed on Easter weekend.
You can download the Easter recipes as a combined file
- to print as a two sided 8.5x11 sheet
Note - new version uploaded on 02/06 - typo on front cover fixed. Sorry!
You can download the Easter recipes as a combined file
- to print as a two sided 11x17 sheet.

Here's just the Resurrection Cookies
as a single 8.5x11 sheet (like a greeting card)

Here's just the Empty Tomb Biscuits

Feel free to use this for your ministry. I've included the sources below, because well, this idea was created on the shoulders of others. Please make sure you give credit, where credit is due, for any idea you use from this post!

Enjoy the Lenten Journey!

Pretzel Recipe Card


History of Pretzel:

Lenten Navigational Map:

Lenten Lap Book:
(Idea based upon)

Prayer Strip Idea:

Plus/Minus Explanation:

Resurrection Cookies

Biblical Way of the Cross 

Clipart for Stations of the Cross, Prayer Card & Front Cover


Century Gothic


  1. Kaylea...visiting your blog for the first time today & love it! Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful Lenten ideas & for your creativity that you share with your church. I love the 'Family Fun Month' graphics on the website. You make your church so inviting for youngsters & their parents. Blessings on your ministry!

    1. Thanks Glenys. Enjoy using this project. I'm hoping to do more of this... I really enjoyed creating it!

      Thanks for your encouragement. It's been a long week, and well, I appreciate it.


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