Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning from my students

This spring, we've been emphasizing different aspects of service during Tween Time, either through Bible studies focused on the subject or personal testimonies.
This week, I introduced them to Erica Hill (a former student of mine) to learn about her upcoming (and previous) mission trip to Uganda.

Because of some scheduling glitches, (and a college stats test), Erica needed to "Skype" in to the session, rather than travel to Little Rock.

Honestly, I think the kiddos listened better because she was on Skype.

They asked great questions. They were engaged.

She definitely intrigued them by her experiences. They also told her about our Lenten Challenge - to raise $ to purchase items for care bags she can take to the orphans.

Tonight is one of the reasons I'm in the ministry. I got to see their eyes open up to infinite possibilities for service - regardless of their age.

It also gave me a chance to see how a former student has grown in her faith in amazing ways.

Erica's story not only inspired the tweens tonight, she also encouraged me with her passion and enthusiasm. Her perspective on life has definitely changed because of the things she experienced last summer in Uganda. Finding that her heart desire may lead her to live there full time after graduation was well, mind blowing.

Tonight I'm thankful for Erica and her willingness to share her experiences with the tweens. Who knows maybe one of them will venture into an unexpected ministry because of this experience.

The students with Erica via Skype.
You can read more about Erica's trip here.

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