Monday, January 9, 2012

Remembering Your Baptism

Sunday's service at church focused on remembering the importance of baptism.

I think one of the messages that resonate from me is that baptism is a sign of God's love & grace in my life - that began as an act of my parents (and the congregation of our United Methodist Church), and now is something I claim as an adult.

I joked that today's service made me want to have a sketch pad, to make a visual representation of what I was hearing - which is shocking, because I'm not an avid sketcher.

Instead, I settled for snapping a few pics at the end of the service. 

I'm still processing the service - and the liturgy. 

But it reminded me of the importance of baptism as a sacrament.

Baptism is the beginning of the faith journey.

I'm thankful that it is part of my journey. 


  1. We've done that before and each person gets to take home a small blue or clear stone to help them remember.

  2. That's cool Julie... I might have to do it with my kiddos if we do a remember your baptism lesson. Thanks!


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