Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 365+1 (Today's photo & more!)

Last year I decided to try Project 365 - taking a photo each day, to capture a slice of my life.

I did pretty good, only "falling off the wagon" when I had a detached retina/surgery in September... (but that's another story).

When I sat down to put together my Christmas card together, I had a ton of fun sorting through photos and picking out a few highlights to showcase.

So when January came around, I decided to start again. Last year, I just didn't think I could do this...this year, I can't imagine living without this way of capturing my life.

One thing I found as a resource to use in this journey is Capture Your 365 ( - a daily prompt to just "get the juices flowing" and provide some ideas on what to take each day.

Today's prompt involved capturing your One Little Word in a new way.

Since I'm a wordy person, I decided to take a photo of my word as it appears in The Synonym Finder (by J, I. Rodale). (See the top photo!)

Before I sign off, here's a few of the photos I took this week, as part of my renewed Project 365+1. The photos are shown through the lens of (one of my favorite aps) and (an ap that lets you put more than one photo in an photo!)

So how are you capturing 2012?

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