Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OLW: Defining My Word

I've started working through the January assignment for the OLW class. One of the first pieces of the word puzzle, is to find a definition that explains your word. 

Out of the multitude of definitions for rest - everything from the interval of silence in a musical piece, to the absence of motion - I've isolated three, which seem to be at the heart of why I my word for 2012 is "rest."

Spot of Light by Ayla87
I want to find the peace and tranquility shown in this picture. I think it really showcases the last definition: "a sunbeam rest upon an altar." What an amazing word picture that truly captures the mood of what you can accomplish - or find - when you truly rest.

So here's to a way to find rest in the midst of the chains known as life.

....Because I'm trying to "dwell" or "linger" on this project - I'm breaking the first assignment into lots of chunks - and will probably share it in progress here; kind of as a form of accountability.....

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