Monday, January 2, 2012

OLW 2012: Rest

Well I did it. I picked "Rest" as my word for 2012.

I really think it chose me - rather than me picking it.

It just seemed like the last few weeks, I've been hearing a message that revolves around one word - Rest.

I'm still trying to figure out what it means to me - and how it will impact 2012.

To start my journey, I signed up tonight to take Ali Edwards' One Little Word class at Big Picture Classes (formerly Big Picture Scrapbooks). You can read more about it in her blog post here:

I've thought about it for awhile, I almost took the class in 2011, but I talked myself out of it. This year, I talked myself "into" taking it for several reasons.

I want to experience an Ali Edwards class. I've followed her blog for several years (and interviewed her by email at least once for a freelance project). I admire lots of things about her - including her outlook on life. I especially love how she tells her life story through scrapbooking and journaling. A few years ago, she called herself a "life artist"  and I've loved that description - and have embraced it as a way to describe the type of writing/photography I've done as a journalist.

I also thought this class would help give me structure. I hope the assignments will help me really dig into my word - which will let me truly embrace my word, letting me live and learn throughout the year.

I want to savor my word.. I really want to let it shape and mold me. It's my hope that It also lets me deepen my faith.

I feel like I've just taken the first step on a year long journey today by signing up for the class.

So here we go!

A Final Thought  - My One Little Words
(yes, I usually end up with two words each year) 
Can you see a theme emerging? 
2007 - Wonder & Seek
2008 - Simplicity & Joy
2009 - Dream & Hope
2010 - Half-Full & See
2011 - New & Renew
2012 - Rest

BTW, if you are interested in taking this class, or signing up for Big Picture Classes, I'd be grateful if you use this referral code: C09B0869. If I understand the refer a friend program, once you purchase your first class, we'll both get a 10 percent off the future purchase of a class.

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