Friday, January 20, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude

In the last week, I've started keeping a gratitude journal.

The idea came from Ali Edward's 52 Creative Prompts newsletter. In the first issue she wrote: Write a personal daily gratitude. I've started doing this using a great little One Line A Day 5-year Memory Book. Before I go to sleep I'm thinking back on the day and documenting one gratitude with just a couple lines of text. This is a practice I've thought about doing for years and I'm finally taking action on it.  You can read more about it Ali's creative prompts here: 

I decided to make this a goal for 2012 - to write a line or two of gratitude as a way to document a thought or an idea from each day. (The fact that I had a blank journal lying around was an added bonus!)

I guess this is my attempt to live life "half full." I end each day writing in the journal. If I miss a day or two, it's OK - but I'm going to strive to make this a daily discipline.

Yes, I've only done it for a week - but I can already tell it's helping me "focus" on the positive aspects of each day.

Tonight, I'm grateful for the giggles of little kids who attended the family movie night at church. A couple decided the "game" of the night involved sneaking up on me while I watched the movie. The way they enjoy life is awesome.

So what are you grateful for?

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