Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year Full Of Memories

I saw this idea pop up on a friend's Facebook feed, and well, it struck me as a great way a family - or an individual - could jot down a few memories for 2012.
A Memory Jar.
The original author (see below for source) said she kept a stack of 4x4 pieces of paper next to a Mason Jar, along with things to write with.
Every few days someone in the family would jot down something that made their family laugh or smile. On New Year's Eve (think Dec. 31, 2012), the family bulled out the papers, unfolded each one and read through a year's worth of memories.
Simple huh?
But the cool thing - what struck me as I read this - is that a lot of times we dwell on the "junk" that happens in life. This jar helps the entire family remember the "good" stuff.
Kind of a gratitude journal for multiple generations.
There were a few other cool ideas on the blog post I found this idea  - like a memory box of days - you might want to check it out!

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