Saturday, December 3, 2011


Notice: to perceive; become aware of.

It's amazing the things you notice, when you stop and simply watch.

During thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to observe my niece during basketball practice.

Yes, I know, going to a high school basketball practice on a Saturday morning probably doesn't sound fun, but I enjoyed it for one reason - I got to notice things about my niece.

I loved watching the determination on her face as she ran through the drills.

I also liked having a chance to see her in action and interacting with her teammates. 

While I'm not a huge sports person, I can appreciate the lessons you can learn by being part of an organized team.

And, well, it was cool to be in the "new, new" gym at my old high school. For the record, the "new" high school is WAY cooler than the building - that no longer exists - that used to house my high school classes.

Going to this practice was a chance for me to sit back and really take note of a few things that were important to my niece, and experience a piece of her life..

I don't often stop and "notice" things. A lot of times I kind of "move" in "full speed ahead" mode - just getting things done.

Sometimes, I need to remember to stop and notice the small things taking place around me, because in reality, the little things can bring great joy.

So what do you need to notice today?

(FYI - This post is kind of inspired by last year's Reverb10 project - which gave people a series of questions each day during December to kind of "wrap up" the year. When the creators of Reverb10 chose not continue the project this month, I came up with my own "reflection" challenge. Each day, for the next month, I'm going to try to write - focusing on a single word as my theme!)

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