Saturday, September 3, 2011

AIC: The Pizza That Became A Casserole

So Today's Adventures In Cooking (now known as AIC for short) called for making Deep Dish Pizza.

Basically a creation made using a refrigerated pizza crust, hamburger, tomato sauce with Italian spices, and mozzarella cheese.

In theory, this should have looked like a regular pizza in a 9x13 inch pan.

Sometimes theories go out the window.... when the pizza crust came out of the can ripped - and wouldn't roll out, I was left with having to improvise quickly.

So I poured the meat and sauce into the bottom of a pie pan, added a layer of mozzarella slices (not sure why they had me buy slices, instead of shredded cheese, and then "dropped" the dough on top like biscuits.

Actually, mom reminded me of her "bubble pizza" (after this was finished) which consisted of those refrigerated tube biscuits, cut into fourths, and dropped into the bottom of a pan, and baked with the meat, sauce and cheese on top.

So, subconsciously, I must have been channeling mom when I started trying to fix it.

For the record, it doesn't look great, but it's pretty tasty. I'll probably keep the recipe, but change it up for those refrigerated biscuits and maybe toss in some more cheese (can't get enough of cheese) and if I feel really jazzy, add some pepperoni.

Just another post in the adventures in cooking......

Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!
A note from a friend - sliced provolone cheese would make this taste lie the former Pizza By Stout pizza (a Joplin landmark that didn't make it through the May 2011 tornado.... ahh... just one of their many secrets to amazing pizza!


  1. So proud of you, Kaylea!! Food doesn't have to look good all the time. As long as you like it. :-)

  2. Thanks Heather.....
    This gets easier right?
    Any recipes you can suggest would be appreciated.... for the days I venture off of the e-mealz plan....


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