Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Destination: Jonesboro (Day 1)

Meet the Destination: Jonesboro team!
It's a raw picture, because we were too tired and sweaty
to put on the team t-shirts tonight to snap the official pictures.

The team consists of students from First UMC - Siloam Springs, 
First UMC - Bella Vista and Elm Springs UMC, Elm Springs.

This is the fifth Destination: Mission trip, for older elementary and middle school students 
I've helped develop and coordinate since 2007. We've come a long way since then.

It's an amazing thing to watch students - many of whom are on their first mission trip - as they experience helping other people in new ways.

The trip's already been interesting, because we've had a chance to "witness" if you will, to a clerk at the gas station - who was very intrigued by the idea of younger students coming to Jonesboro to help strangers, and the clerk at Walmart who thought it was cool we brought students to do something like this in her town.

If this is the beginning of what we're going to experience - I have a feeling the block party we're working on - and hosting at First UMC Paragould on Friday night - is going to be VERY interesting.

Take older elementary and middle school students (mainly those who have completed 3rd to 7th grade) on a mission trip? Are you crazy? You betcha ya! Crazy enough to think it's important to introduce students to mission stuff at an early age.
I'll post more updates throughout the weekend, but for now, it's time to shut off the laptop and head to bed! Signing off From Jonesboro!

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