Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scenes from Snowy Arkansas Part 1

For the last few days.... well, since the great "Snow Storms of 2011" started on Tuesday, Feb. 1, I've been taking lots of photos.

I typically use my DSL Pentax digital camera (the beast) as a friend calls it.... but since I've been trying something NEW this year, I am also using my "pocket camera" (Sony Cybershoot) that rides in my purse 24/7 and my iPhone to capture the memories of the moment.

This is a growing experience for me. Honestly, I'm not taking pictures for newsprint anymore. I'm simply taking them for myself. I am finding that it's easier to be spontaneous with the iPhone and pocket camera.

Several times I shot the same pics both with "the beast" and iPhone, because I wanted to immediately share some of what I was seeing with family and friends not living in NWA.

So, today, I sat down and "worked up" photos captured from all three camera. (Definition of "worked up" - I've cropped pics, lightened or darkened them and sharpened them ......sometimes I use a filter or two, but today, it's just the basics....)

Here's a pictorial representation of the last 12 days of snow, in chronological order....

Tuesday, Feb. 1
(Also known as the storm everyone freaked out about!)
My view outside my front door, @ 9 a.m.

The view towards the high school @ 9 a.m.

The other side view....@ approx. 9 a.m.

A forlorn ice-covered branch (not a lot of ice with this storm.)

The wind was key for this storm.
It blew the snow so hard that it covered my car inside the carport.

It's hard to see, but the snow blew so hard against
the chair that the rungs made a path in front of the it..

Wednesday, Feb. 2
(Day 2 of the Storm Everyone Freaked Out About)
or the day I went "driving" around with the Burtons...

Hey William...don't you want to jump
in the deep snow (on a rural Okla. road?)
Here, let me toss you in.....

Um, actually, no. Dad get me out of here!
He was SO mad at us.

The drifts along an Oklahoma fence pretty AND deep!

Thursday, Feb. 3
(Also known as the day I slid into work
to make up two snow days & do the pics of snow today!)

 Friday, Feb. 4
(Also known as the day we were supposed to get only flurries...)
Today, Maribeth talked me into spending the day quilting at Sager Creek Quilts. Honestly, it wasn't a hard sell....we watched the storm roll in, expecting flurries. By the time we left mid-afternoon...well, it was pretty deep.

Behind the quilt store....

View of Sager Creek, behind the quilt store....

Where I spent most of the snowy front of my machine

Another snowy's really piling up.

Next pics courtesy of  Sager Creek Quilts....
Working on our projects....

My finished (well at least the top) quilt...
I started it during Spring Break 2010....

Trekking back to the car, with Maribeth...

Late afternoon back at home....
Front yard @ approx. 4:30 p.m.

Mailboxes - late afternoon....yes, I have a fascination with mailboxes....

 Saturday, Feb. 6
I hibernated today.... but took one pic - the growing icicles outside my front door...I only got one pic before my "helpful" neighbor knocked them all down....

Part 2... The Great Snow Storm of 2011 Continues...coming soon...

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