Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365: January @ A Glance

It's new, it's a challenge and well, it may seem a bit overwhelming at times but I'm trying something new - using mainly my iPhone (or pocket camera) to take a photo each day.

I'm trying this for several reasions:
1) It's making me do something everyday, to stop and capture the everyday moments of my life.

2) It's making me scrap again - while I've created stuff for the blogs and websites I manage, I haven't created a "page" just for me. I'm taking baby steps back to creating layouts just for me.

3) I'm working through my need to capture "perfect" pictures for memories. Sure there's a time and place for "photojournalism" style pics - which I love to take - but there's also something to be said about capturing the spontaneity of life. This is forcing me to get out of my box and capture life.

4) It's also something new. In the past I've tried to just do one photo per week, but then I would stop because nothing seemed "big" enough to create a layout. This makes me stop each day to take a picture. 

I'm using these photos to create a layout per week, that includes journaling, to not only capture the moments with photos but also with words.

I'm catching up with's Weeks 3, 4 and 5

2011 - 01 January At A Glance (Project 365: 2011) 
Template - Project 365: 2011 by Biograffiti,
Font: CK Ali's Writing
Paper & elements: 52:2011 - wk 4 - Vicki Stegall,

2011 - Project 365 - week 3
Paper & small word art - 52 2011 - wk 3 - Sue Cummings
Templates - by Me
Fonts: CK KOTM1 & Champagne & Limousine

2011 - Project 365 - week 4
Paper & Small word art - 52 2011 - wk 4 - Vicki Stegall
Templates - by Me
Fonts: CK KOTM1 & Champagne & Limousine

2011 - Project 365 - week 5
paper and graphics - 52 2011 - wk 5 - sue cummings
Templates - by Me
Fonts: CK KOTM1 & Champagne & Limousine

Note: As a member of the cheery-o team at, I was provided much of this for free. My use of these products were not influenced by the gift - I would have bought them anyway - just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail. 

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