Thursday, January 13, 2011

New 52: Week 1 & 2

I love this idea - I love it because if I truly try this each week, it will really help me with my word for 2011 - New.

So, one "new" thing I'm trying is to take a photo (mainly with my iPhone) each day to capture a specific moment in life. I know these photos are not going to be perfect - that's not the point. The point is that they help me capture a bit of my life, in 2011. 

I'm going to try (no promises) to make a simple layout each week, highlighting these photos and and a brief bit of journaling. Again, I know this won't be perfect - but that's the lesson for the first few days of 2011 - imperfection is ok. My week is going to run Monday to Sunday - so I can reflect on the week on Sunday.

In fact, I've signed up for a free class, that starts in a few weeks, at Big Picture Scrapbooking, that focuses on this topic - Embrace Imperfection. 

According to the class instructor, Karen Grunberg, the class will focus on:
There is a bigger picture as to why you should embrace imperfection - the core reasons why the voices need to go away. My goal is to help you go back to the business of creating your library of memories, so that you can create layouts rather than talk about creating layouts. It all starts with learning to embrace imperfection.

I'm hoping, not only to embrace imperfection in my scrapbook layouts - it's been over a year since I've created anything, but continue to embrace imperfection in life. Because let's face it, life isn't perfect, and that's what makes it so great.

So, with that in mind....drum roll please

Week 1 of New52 
Saturday, Jan. 1 to Sunday, Jan. 2, 2011 
 Trying to do the photo a day - that was the "new" thing I tried as the year began. I also tried the "create a layout" to showcase the photos. This layout (and the one that follows) are not perfect - see I'm already learning something....and the photos aren't "great".... but I think it will be interesting to see the ordinary moments of my day this year.

Week 2 of New52 
Monday, Jan. 3 to Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011
I tried a couple of new things during this week - including taking a photo with a random new iPhone app (the bottom left corner - the group of kids singing. I also cleaned my desk - in order to start the new year, with a slightly clean slate (or at least fewer piles!)

(Credits - Papers and elements on these two layouts feature items from 52 Inspirations: 2011, by Vicki Stegall and Sue Cummings at and for the record - or because the FTC cares - I did receive my subcription to 52 Inspirations, because I do a lot of behind the scenes stuff at Oscraps as a member of the Cheery-O team. But, honestly, I would have purchased this fabulous product anyway.)

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