Friday, September 10, 2010

Lessons from Vacation - Part 2: Saying Yes

Vacation Lesson 2 - Be Careful What You Say 'Yes' To....
During my vacation, Kim and I took a drive and found ourselves at two different, unique Amish stores near Urbana, Missouri.

I loved looking at all of the fresh produce and exploring the various products available at the markets.

At the second market, we were able to purchase freshly made sandwiches - that give any restaurant a run for their money - in terms of quality and price (less than $4).Yes, I took a bite first.....

While we were waiting for our sandwiches I asked the woman behind the counter a simple question ....
"What is Head Cheese?"

She just looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, I'll tell you if you try it....
So, being the adventurous person I am (insert laugh track here)... I said, "why not."

Let's just say, head cheese is made from pieces (a.k.a. the head, duh) of a pig are not used in bacon. It was quite greasy and well, not my favorite thing.

But, besides giving Kim yet another thing to laugh about, it reminded me that sometimes I need to step "outside" of my comfort zone to experience something new in life.

How often do I just do the same things, because, well, it's the safe thing to do? Why is it so hard for me to try new things? What am I missing out by taking the safe route?

Sometimes, you just have to grab life by the well, "head cheese" and try something new and outrageous.

Besides, if I had stopped here, we might have missed getting the "French Onion" cheese, which tasted oh so good with those fried potatoes.

A few of my yummy finds at the store.

More soon....

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