Monday, September 27, 2010

The Kidlets Are Winning

In the last few weeks I've watched Carl and Denni's five kidlets by myself. (Insert laugh track here.)

Once it was because of an emergency pastoral thing (Carl had to go to point A, Denni to point B, which left Aunt K to go to point C also known as the Children); the other time, because well, with five kidlets, Carl & Denni decided to "run" not walk when a friend invited them out to the theatre.

I'm not sure, but I think if we're keeping score, it's Kidlets - 5, Aunt Kaylea - 0.

Kudos to Carl and Denni for having the energy and courage to raise their two daughters (Gigi - 10, and Kiki - 7.5) and the three "littles" - K - 6.5. T - 5, and J - 3.5ish). Their house is never quiet, always full of activity, and definitely full of love.

I'm not sure I'm ready to jump into full-time motherhood (or aunt hood, as this case may be), but I'll freely "jump into" (and out of) the world as needed - think of me as the relief pitcher on a ball team.

Things I've Noticed/Learned From the Kidlets
Friends will laugh when you tell them/they find out you are watching five children - but will NOT volunteer to come help, and often will not return your phone calls, just in case you are asking for help.

You start saying or doing things that you swore you would never say/do - ahem.... those things your mom said/did when you were a child......
.....Don't make me call your parents.
.....Yes, you need to go to the bathroom before bed.
.....You have 10 minutes to clean up this mess, or I'm putting it all in a bag and throwing it away.
.....Are you telling me information, or just tattling on.....
.....I don't need your version of the story, I just need "x" to tell me what happened, why they are crying, what made the noise, etc.

You began to watch and learn the "family dynamics" as one child says something, and then three others run to "correct" them....(also known as the be careful, there's always someone around to make sure you tell the truth - tattle on you - rule.)

Little boys like to flash their "junk," "wink" at you when they are getting in trouble, and always find time to pretend they are superheroes - regardless of the hour (or the need for them to go to bed.)

"Not Me" lives in a house with five children.

"Nothing" is often follows as the response to "What are you doing?.......)

Sometimes kidlets who aren't even in the house, get the blame for something....

You have several, random conversations take place at, well, random times.
--Example 1--
"I need to pee," said the 3.5 yr old.
"Ok, go pee," I replied.
(He starts to pee, then stops)
"I stop, peeing too hard. I'm go to bed now."

--Example 2 --
"Do I have to watch this movie?" asked the 5 yr old. "Can I go to bed?"
"Yes," I replied, knowing that bedtime isn't for 15 minutes.
"Nevermind," she said.

--Example 3 --
Her - "My nightlight is broken, can you fix it?" asked the almost 5 yr old.
Me, after trying unsuccessfully to fix it - it needed a new bulb.
"I'll leave this one on, (a.k.a. the desk lamp) until mom and dad get home."
Her - "But that's the working lamp," in a very distressed tone.
Her - "Can't you just put new batteries in my night light?" (um no, it plugs in and needs electricity.)
Me - "it's this, or  nothing. Sorry."
Her - "Ok, but it's a working lamp, not a night light."

Your own mother will just laugh, when you call and ask for advice/help - something about the "it's about time, you earned it rule."

I'm no longer the "fun" aunt, who comes, brings treats and then leaves.

The correct answer, no matter what is "let me check with your mother/father first" or "what did your mother/father say?"

And finally

Hugs and kisses from five kidlets are the best, especially when you need a dose of encouragement.

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