Monday, September 20, 2010

Deep Thoughts: Choosing To SEE

How do you see life?

It's a simple question, but one that I've been pondering since finishing Mary Beth Chapman's memoir, Choosing To SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope.

In the book, Chapman struggles to see God at work through the pain and turmoil her family has walked through in the past few years. (Want to read more about the book? Click here).

Ultimately, through prayer and a lot of faith, Chapman said she is choosing to SEE God work in her life - despite the yuck of the world.

So how do you see life?

It maybe a simple question, but when you ask people, the answers, well can be quite different.

When I posed this question to friends on Facebook, some answered with humor, others with a deep poignancy. At least two friends said they are relying on their faith as a way to see life.

I am learning to SEE life with hope and promise. I CHOOSE to SEE how God is working in my life - not if or when, but HOW - because I know God has a plan.

Quite simply, I choose to SEE.

I agree with my friend who said "every day is a challenge that brings its own rewards." Life is hard. Life is a challenge. But God is good. Some days I just have to be reminded that more and more.

So, I began 2010 trying to see life as "Half-Full." (That was my beginning word for the year.) I am spending the last part of the year "SEE"ing how God is at work in my life.

Guess I need to add a couple more charms to my "word" bracelet...

 (It's a little blury... darn iPhone)

2007 - Wonder and Seek
2008 - Simplicity and Joy
2009 - Dream and Hope 
2010 - Half-Full and See. (need to order)

A huge belated thanks to Lisa Leonard for making my amazing word tags. 
Want to see more of her designs?

BTW, the cross, a James Avery charm, was given to me by my home church - First UMC - Carthage, Mo., when I graduated from high school.

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