Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Edited on Aug. 2, with my review of Travel Scrabble

I've gotten quite addicted to Words with Friends on my iPhone....playing up to four games at a time with friends.

The game, an electronic version of Scrabble, has tweaked my interest in the actual game.

So, I was game when a chance to review AND giveaway a "travel" version of the original game - Milton Bradley's Scrabble Travel Folio, dropped in my e-mail inbox, thanks to, a division of CSN Stores.

Not familiar with CSN - It's ok, I wasn't either...

According to my research (a.k.a. snooping around) CSN is one of the top (they say No. 3) online retailers of home goods. In business for seven years, they are a one stop shop for everything from lights, cookware, household items, luggage, pet stuff and well, even furniture,

You can find out more about CSN by going directly to its main website -

So more about the Scrabble Travel Folio....
According to, it features -
* Sleek folio edition features zippered nylon case with snap-in tile racks, folding game tray, snap-in letter tiles and cloth storage pouch
* Pieces stay put, so you can focus on your winning word strategy

So What I Think
I don't usually order things online - or at least when I order things, I typically use my work address - since I'm not usually home during the day.

This time, I used my home address and well, UPS delivered it to my neighbors. (Kinda glad that we're friends).

Other than that, though, the package arrived ok from CSN. It was a bit "battered" but not damaged.... it just looked like it had been on a few trucks.

The Scrabble game is light and compact. About the same size as a study Bible. Inside the board is plastic - with grooves for the small (smaller than a dime) letter pieces.

The one thing I like immediately - you can "fold up" the game without losing the placement of the letters (just make sure they are snapped in tight.

I'm thinking this is the "right size" game to take on trips. It definitely won't take up lots of space in a suitcase or in a hotel room (think family vacation here), and it still holds the integrity of the original game.

In the meantime, if you'd like a chance to win your own copy of travel Scrabble's how you can do it!

(Deadline is 6 p.m. CST, Sunday, Aug. 15)
1) Post your favorite "family game night" memory in the comment section below.

2) Get a Second Entry by Twittering about the contest -
Note: You must use the hashtag #myscrappylife to be eligible.

Tweet this: Win a travel scrabble game. Visit for details. #myscrappylife

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