Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Tour: The Plan A Woman in A Plan B World (Review)

Live - Laugh - Love. Through humor, stories and more, Debbie Taylor Williams has crafted a book examining what happens when life doesn't go according to plan.

In The Plan A Woman In A Plan B World, Williams breaks down some of the myths and more than women often fall prey to - including the dream of the perfect soul mate, a fulfilling career and the elusive obedient children.

Through a variety of chapters, Williams examines some of the fears, discouragements and bitterness which often hold women back from discovering the plan that God has in store for their lives.

What I Thought
I think Williams has an "easy to read" writing style. She mixes Biblical truth with "real-life" examples to help explain how you can live out your life, even when it isn't your original "Plan A."

The book wasn't exactly what I expected. It never really captured my attention span (which, I'll admit at times, is equal to a preschoolers). I tried really hard to "click" with the book.

Maybe it was because many of her initial stories were all related stories with a marriage theme. My "Plan A" that didn't come true didn't revolve around a spouse or children - it was the career/ministry that just never "clicked" leading me to live the "Plan B."

Is my Plan B wrong, nope. It's just not where I thought I'd be 10+ years after seminary. I had a plan, God had another.

I think Williams book is good, and with the study guide (and additional helps on her website), a women's Bible study/small group may find this to be a great resource/study.

Unfortunately, the book just didn't "click" for me.I'll probably wait a while and give it another chance. Maybe this just isn't the right season in life.

Meet The Author
Debbie Taylor Williams, founder of Hill Country Ministries, a non-profit 501© 3 dedicated to spreading God's Word and love, is a sought out Christian speaker and author.

Best known as a passionate Biblical expositor, Williams uses humor and practical illustrations to communicate spiritual truths to women throughout the nation.  She has written and produced numerous books and video driven Bible studies, including The Plan A Woman In a Plan B World, Pray With Purpose, Live With Passion; Prayers of My Heart; If God Is In Control, Why Do I Have A Headache?; If God Is In Control, Why Am I A Basket Case, Discovering His Passion, and co-authored Trusting God's People Again.

She is a religion columnist for the Kerrville Daily Times and is published in P31 Woman magazine. Married for more than 35 years, Williams and her husband, Keith, live in Kerrville, Texas. They have two married children and one grandson.

Online Resources
A Plan A Woman Book Club
Debbie Taylor Williams Website
Buy It Online

Note: As a freelance journalist, I was provided a copy of this book by Kathy Carlton Willis Communications. This review was not influenced by a free book - just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.

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