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Blog Tour: Dreams That Won't Let Go (review)

We all have dreams. What happens when those dreams seem out of reach - or at worst - become nightmares.

Unshakable dreams are at the center of the third and final book in Stacy Hawkins Adams' Jubilant Soul series.

Dreams That Won't Let Go opens with the return of the "prodigal" son, who is moving back home, to face his own "demons" and a sister, who is trying to determine where her dreams will take her.

As the story unfolds, we learn more about the things which have caused this family years of pain, the efforts the go to move beyond their pain, as well as how they use their faith to heal.

What I Thought
I've said it before, normally I don't pick up a book in mid-series - especially if it's the LAST book in series. However, I was pleasantly surprised as I dove into this book.

While I did need to do some "catching up" for character background info, I was able to do this by paying attention to the details Hawkins Adams wove into the story.

I do think reading the first two books would have enhanced my enjoyment of Dreams That Won't Let Go, because it would have helped me understand some of the family drama which was expounded upon in this book.

However, picking up this book was not a mistake. It introduced me to a new author, and a new sub-genre within the world of romantic, Christian fiction, for which I am very glad.

It's the first time I've read a book like this, set within the lives of an African-American family. It was different than what I'm used to, or what I expected - but it was different in a good way.

If you pick up this book, I think you will find a novel filled with unforgetable characters, lots of humor and a family who strives to live out their faith, even during the tough times.

More About The Book
"Readers have followed along with the Burns family of Jubilant, Texas as they’ve experienced heartaches, celebrated new faced life-changing choices and learned how far faith can carry them through it all.

"Now in Dreams That Won’t Let Go, everything seems to be going along perfectly for Indigo Burns: Her wedding preparations to the man of her dreams are under way and her career as a photographer is a success. Even her family seems to be doing better than ever—all except her brother Reuben who no one has seen in years. But that's about to change, because Reuben has decided to move back home to Jubilant, bringing with him all his unspoken secrets and upsetting all of Indigo’s best-laid plans.

"As the family struggles to deal with the pain of the past and find healing, Dreams That Won’t Let Go illustrates that despite what has happened in our lives, there is always a second chance where love conquers all."

Find Out More About Hawkins Adams
Stacy Hawkins Adams is a writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the author of several novels, including the Essence bestseller The Someday List and Worth a Thousand Words. All of Stacy's novels have been bestsellers in Black Expressions Book Club.

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Read An Excerpt From "Dreams"
Dreams That Won't Let Go by Stacy Hawkins Adams (Excerpt)

You can also download a pdf excerpt here:

Other Books In the Jubilant Soul Series
Book 1 -  The Someday List
What do you do when you realize you're not who you want to be?

Rachelle Covington has it all. A fabulous home, a handsome and successful husband, two beautiful children, and a place in the upper crust that's quite comfortable. But life is not all it's cracked up to be, and Rachelle finds herself yearning for more.

When her husband goes away on a business trip and the kids are sent off to the grandparents for a month, Rachelle heads back to Jubilant, Texas, to visit family and reconnect with her past, her purpose, and herself.

But when a blast from the past shows up, Rachelle must confront feelings she thought she'd long buried. Will she give up everything to recover what could have been? Or will she find a reason to plan for the future?

Fresh, sincere, and full of hope, The Someday List is an honest look at what makes us who we are.
Available at

Book 2 - Worth A Thousand Words
Life has always gone Indigo Burns's way. She's smart, pretty, and talented, and she knows exactly what she wants. A photography internship at her hometown's local newspaper is the next step in her well-laid plans for her future.

But her long-term goals are put to the test when her boyfriend Brian proposes--two years before he's supposed to and in front of all the guests at her college graduation party.

Too concerned about his feelings to say no, she heartily agrees, but inside she's cringing. Indigo knows in her heart that she's not prepared to sacrifice her dreams to become Brian's wife--not before she has achieved any of them.

Will she find the answers among family and friends in Jubilant, Texas? Or will the picture-perfect life she dreams of be left behind?
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