Wednesday, September 30, 2009

E-Mealz Questions

Can you freeze Whipping Cream?
That was the question a week or so ago, when I ended up with more than half of a carton left after making the creamy bacon tortellini.

As a friend stated – you can freeze everything, you just might not be able to thaw and use it again.
According to a Google search, you can freeze and use whipping cream again, but only in a “cooked” way. Apparently, it won’t “whip” again after it’s frozen. So we'll see if it thaws well.

So why do they call them French green beans?
Uncle. I can’t find the answer. Does anyone know why “French cut” green beans are given the “French” name? I assume it’s because they are cut in a “fancy” way.
I’m also wondering why those flat green beans are called “Italian” cut beans.

How long does a carton of eggs last?
How long can you keep a dozen eggs in your refrigerator? Do they expire by the date on the carton, or is that just the “sell by” date. How do you know when eggs are “expired” especially if they aren’t “rotten?”

I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but these are just some of the things I’ve run across in the first two-1/2  weeks of cooking.

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  1. for the eggs, that's usually a sell by date. i've used eggs 2-3 wks past the date and they were fine.


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