Monday, July 6, 2009

Would you sell your soul?

Editor's Note: I wrote this column for the July 6, 2009, issue of our church newsletter.

How much is your “immortal soul” worth? Sounds like a trick question, but it’s not.

I’ll be honest, when I first heard an anchor ask this, as a lead into a news story, my mind turned to the Simpsons’ episode, where Bart “sells” his soul to Milhouse for $5. That cartoon was good for a laugh or two, as Bart pondered his eternal existence.

But, what I found, as the actual news story unfolded, was almost chilling in nature.

In Latvia, where the economic crisis has hit hard, the Kontora loan company has come upon a solution to potential money woes.

The company, under the leadership of Viktor Mirosiichenko, provide loans IF the perspective clients sign an “agreement” pledging to use their “immortal soul” as collateral.

Would you sign a loan using your soul? Sounds ludicrous right? Really, no one would do that...or would they?

According to Reuters, more than 200 loans have been issued by the company within its first two months of business.

Mirosiichenko has a simple business model. He said if people do not pay their loans back, “They won't have a soul, that's all.”

Regardless of what Mirosiichenko believes, you can’t put a price on a person’s soul.

I especially believe this about a child’s soul.

Oh, we may put a price tag on the things we do - like the mission trip, VBS, Timothy Team, M&M Day, etc., - ultimately everything we do and say has one goal in mind - provide a young student with the tools they need to make a decision regarding their eternal life and their faith in Jesus Christ.

We do this, not by taking out loans, but instead by providing them with experiences of learning to “Fear Not” (one of the key themes of this year’s VBS), to put “Others First” (our older elementary/middle school mission trip theme), and to jump into learning about the early church (this year’s Timothy Team theme).

Yes, children’s ministry is messy, it costs money and it takes up a LOT of our time. But ultimately, the rewards are priceless.

In the past year, the children’s ministry program has grown by leaps and bounds at First UMC. We have had the privilege of helping to nurture the faith journeys of numerous children.

The best, I believe, is yet to come. VBS is in just a few short weeks. We still need people to step up and help serve our children in a variety of ways (many jobs without prep...just ask!).

In less than two months, we’ll be starting the new year of Timothy Team. We’re looking (right now) for a few teachers to join us in this vital discipleship ministry.

Forget what the Kontora Loan Company would tell you. You can’t put a price on your soul - and you definitely can’t put a price on a child’s soul.

How will you step up, to help impact a child’s life in the next year? What will you do to make an eternal difference in the life of a child?

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? -- Mark 8:36

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  1. Excellently written my dear! Hope your summer is treating you well!
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