Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009 pics

Collin and Tay with one of their "ankle bitters" (as Oma calls them) of the new puppies.

Tay with her "big ears" chocolate bunny....

Collin...he couldn't wait to take a bite before I snapped the first pic!

Getting ready for the first bite....

No more pics Aunt Kaylea


She joked that it was the only bite left (but she'd really just broke a piece off)

Collin with Mommy

Their tied-died funny eggs

Tay showing off the eggs

Collin & Tay's Easter Eggs...

I love this look ...I'm not sure why Tay gave it to me...

This was Collin's favorite egg...

Eggs up close and personal

Another egg shot (thinking about possible scrapbook pages with this pic)

Alas, dear bunny, I knew you well.....Collin's bunny...

Tay and Mom....

Tay looks

I love this pic!

Blank spot
The pic Collin wouldn't let me

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I finally did it.....

Ordered my long awaited (wanted for more than a year and a half) hand made, sterling silver bracelet from Lisa Leonard. (It will look like the one above, with different words).

I love that you can put your own words on the tags.

I'm using it to highlight my "One Little Word(s)" (Thanks Ali Edwards for starting this journey in 2007)...that I've used to define my life since 2007...

2007 - Wonder and Seek
2008 - Simplicity (probably Simple on the tag for size) and Joy
2009 - Dream and Hope (already have two words this year....)

(Lots of babysitting and house sitting hours went into the purchase of this bracelet!)

Memories of Campus Ministry

(Editor's Note: I wrote this as a column for our church newsletter, in preparation the Rev. Omar Hamid Al-Rikabi's visit to First UMC - Siloam Springs on Sunday, April 26. Omar - an Asbury Seminary grad! - is the executive director of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville.)

I still remember the conversation I had with the Rev. Sid Robbins, standing in the parking lot of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, in Joplin, Mo. following a district youth event.

I was getting ready to start college and trying to “figure” things out. Sid (a pastor who had a heart for youth) gave me two pieces of advice - meet Chad Stebbins (who eventually became my college advisor and nurtured my love of journalism) and meet the Rev. Roger Nichols, then-director of the Wesley Foundation at Missouri Southern.

Like a pebble dropping into a pool of water - the ripple effects from that conversation would have life-long implications for me.

The Wesley Foundation - the campus ministry at Missouri Southern - became my “safe haven.” If I wasn’t pulling an all-nighter in the campus newspaper office, you could probably find me hanging out at Wesley.

The ministry was a constant in my life and gave me a safe place to explore the bounds of my faith. It also provided a safety net as I explored college life.

It also provided me with a ministry designed specifically for college students - as I struggled to make the transition from high school. I was a commuting student, living at home during college, so the Wesley Foundation became a positive aspect in my campus experience.

It was through the ministry of the Wesley Foundation that my call to the ministry - which began at camp as a high school student - was nurtured and given a place to grow.

The Wesley Foundation also introduced me to other college students through out our jurisdiction who had a passion for ministry. Ultimately many of us became the largest incoming class of “state school” graduates at Asbury Seminary.

On Sunday, April 26, you'll have a chance to meet the Rev. Omar Hamid Al-Rikabi, the director of the U of A Wesley Foundation (and a fellow Asbury Seminary graduate).

Through our apportionments, and our connection to other United Methodist churches/ministries throughout Arkansas, our congregation plays a role in helping Omar minister to students looking for their own “safe haven” on a college campus.

I’m very thankful for what Omar is doing at UofA, as well as all of the campus ministers working with college students throughout Arkansas.

While my Wesley Foundation was small - it no longer exists due to budget cuts within the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church - its graduates continue to impact the lives of students in a variety of ways, including, but no limited to: as youth pastors, high school teachers, college professors.

Hopefully, as annual conference draws near, Arkansas will not make a similar decision and cut funding to the Wesley Foundations throughout the state. While the ministries may not be the "flashiest" or the "largest," as a friend (and fellow Wesley Foundation grad) Barry Sanborn (a 16+ year veteran of youth ministry) likes to say, the ministry will be consistent - in the lives of students constantly facing change.

May we never lose the constant presence of Wesley Foundations - and the message of Jesus Christ - on our state campuses.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back among the posting living

I haven't posted here for more than a month.
I've missed it.
I'll be back this weekend with more stuff.
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