Thursday, February 26, 2009

Project 52 - Week 4 - Photo & Layout

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Credits: Photo for Project 52:
Paper - Week 4, 52 Inspiration: 2009 - Sue Cummings,
BW Photo Action - Pioneer Woman
Photo Masks: Undercover Collection, Ashalee Wall,
Font: Pea Jay and Century Gothic

Week 4: Project 52 - A New Day.

A photo featuring perspective.

Photo Stats
A self portrait featuring the Jan. 22, 2009 New York Times. This is my first attempt take at least one photo of myself each month this year.

Photo taken
Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009, Siloam Springs, Ark.

Photo Background
I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. On Wednesday, I woke up and purchased the Arkansas Democrat Gazette – the largest newspaper in the state, to see the reporters take on Tuesday’s Inauguration.

While It was fine, I really wanted to see how the New York Times covered the inauguration.

I’m sure it was my political science/journalism roots coming out in full force, me wanting to see how the “granddaddy” of all newspapers covered the events surrounding Barack Obama transition to the presidency of the United States.

Initially, I turned to the Democrat Gazette and the Internet version of the New York Times; but honestly, I really wanted to hold the actual national edition of the Times in my hands – to see what news was important enough to make it into print.

On a lark, late Wednesday afternoon, I called the nearest Starbucks (in Rogers) to see if they happened to have a copy of the Times left in the store. They did, and a helpful barista agreed to set one of their last copies aside for me.

So, I found myself driving over to Rogers after church on Wednesday night, just so I could purchase a copy of the New York Times.

It seems frivolous, but it was well worth the time – more than two hours, the $1.50 for the paper, and a couple of lattes, just to have a small piece of history. (I did “kidnap” Denni Palmer from her house, so we could talk and she could have a “child-free” break.)

I jokingly related the story to a friend and said it was a “trifecta” moment – journalism, political science and of course, a latte.

A Note of Clarification: Someone asked, would I have been this excited if John McCain & Sarah Palin won the Presidency/Vice Presidency (respectively). I responded, yes, for different reasons. If McCain and Palin won, it would have been exciting to see a woman sworn into the second highest office in the United States. I’m sure I would have bought the NY Times for the same reasons - I would have wanted to see how one of the largest newspapers in the US covered the inauguration of the first female vice president.

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