Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random thoughts from katie...

Posted on my friend katie's blog....
It kind of sums up life...I need to follow this prescription!

My Prescription
For A Better (not bitter) Self

Sometime life and all of it's relationships hurts.
Sometimes friends let you down.
Sometimes you feel like you
have put a lot of energy
into something or
someone only
to see it
bite you
in the tooshie!
And sometime you let others down too.
What's a girl to do (besides buy shoes and a handbag?
... Write a perscription for yourself!!!
Thankfully, I am surrounded by creative people both
in my physical world and in my blog world. So
I borrowed a few bits from others
and added a few of my own. So here goes
my prescription to myself:
Look up
and see, enjoy, breathe in
the beauty surrounding you!
(even if you can't see it, it is there!)
Give Kindness
without expecting anything back
Wear a smile ~
Play the game who can smile first
with everyone you meet.
Forgive freely...
especially those who are
closest to you.
Go to the closest park,
playground, or school
and swing!
Pick (or buy) some bright
fresh pretty flowers
and spread them around
your house.
(take some to the neighbor across
the street and next door)
Wish Love
on everyone you come into
contact with.
Write sweet affirming notes
on your bathroom mirror
to yourself and those who live with you!
Have a good full belly laugh
about something every day!
Read out loud to others.
When you start to feel crabby
take a nap ~ if you can't take a nap,
take a step back from others.
Did I mention Forgive?
I wish you happy
I wish you peace
I wish you blessings!

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  1. Kaylea,
    I wandered over here to visit and found this ~ I am so glad that it mean't something to you! Thanks Sweetie! Love you, me


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