Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Passion

My passion. Funny, yesterday - before I read a post on Jessica Sprague's blog - I was asked to think about what my passion relation to my work as a children's pastor....why do I do what I do...what feeds my desire to keep going?

Today, I got my answer. I was standing in front of an elementary school this morning,watching 40+ third, fourth and fifth graders (along with parents & a few teachers) praying aloud, standing in a circle around a flag pole...Today was See You at the Pole around the US...

Usually, it's middle/high schoolers that do this. My elementary students heard about it, and the "older elementary class" decided to put posters up at the school and hand out flyers (and tell their friends) about it.

Several also wrote prayers,before they came for specific topics - so they wouldn't have to pray "off the cuff." Many are learning how to pray out loud for the first times. (Look, I'm in my late 30s and I still get uncomfortable praying out loud, in front of people...)

Today (and in the last few days) I've watched as several students began to emerge as leaders. Wow. I cried as watched the kids in action. They blew me away. They hung up posters, they passed out flyers, they recruited people to come. They did all of the "leg work." I just made sure they had the resources.

I'm also having a success with our mid-week program (a heavy-duty "disciple" type Bible study for the kids). Trust me, I'm not doing anything....I'm watching God at work...I'm just making sure the behind the scenes is ready for my teachers, who are in turn, working with the students.

But this is what feeds me, gets me up....I get to see how my feeble attempts are working to help impact a group of kids lives in nw ark....

....beyond the paperwork, the fuss and the mess. Why do I do my job? Because I want to make a difference in kids lives. Today (and this month) I've been seeing this happen, up front and personal. makes handling the paperwork and the "gunk" of the job a lot easier.

I'll try to post pics of the event on my blog asap...
(My photos aren't great....I was focusing on the kids and what was happening....not easy to do that and take pics are "average" (yes, the photo journalist in me has high standards). I've taken more dramatic pics at past events when I worked for the newspaper. But that too is a lesson i'm, I focused on the "story" rather than the pic....

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  1. AWESOME!!! I love it when we step back and allow God to work. That's just fabulous!

    And BTW, you are still in your MID 30s. In 4 weeks I'll officially be in my late 30s.

    And another BTW, my sister is finally pregnant!! 7 weeks! Had her ultrasound yesterday - all looks good. Due date is May 13.


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