Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Living the "Dash"

So today, I started the 30 days book. (See previous post for explanation).
I'm not really writing this for someone else, but this is my "electronic journal" as it is.

This won't be everything I journaled today, but here's today's "thought"

Living the dash.
We all have a dash. Did you know that?
We all have two dates our birth year - when God working through our parents has us arrive in to the world; and our death date - when God decides we're finished on the earth.
In reality, we have no control over each date.

We all have the dash between the dates 1972 - 20xx in common.

How are you living your "dash?" What difference are you making with it?
How will people see God in your "dash"?
What sets your dash apart from other "dashes"?

How am I making a difference in this world? What is most important in my dash? Those are the thoughts running through my head this morning.

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