Saturday, July 5, 2008

21 Day Challenge - Day 4/5

Just home from a quick visit to the folks.
Lots going on.
W&T are there, with CW and Tay (Nephew and Niece).
Family drama.
As Denni puts it - sometimes, you don't pick your family; but you can pick your friends.

Thank God for Denni and Rachael....
As Rachael put it...she's entered my "inner circle".
We talked a couple of times this week, about life, her upcoming wee one - E gets here hopefully by the end of the month - and watching Jesus work in our lives, even with things are crazy.

Rachael is holding me accountable to do a couple of things this week.....just a quiet, gentle say "get off your can and do it!"

Thank God, truly, for good girl friends - even when they live eons away like H2....(love ya...cause I know you read this - one of a few people - lol)

Did get a few pics this weekend.
Everyone complains when the camera comes out - until I give them the prints
as gifts, then it's wonderful.
It's been a long couple of days.

However, I'm home. Things are good.
Lots going on....hopefully going to see Wall-E tomorrow with Denni and the girls.
Hopefully a happier message tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I read because sometimes this is the only way to keep up with you!

    Got your vmail last night. I was trying to get the wee one to sleep. Love ya!


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