Friday, June 6, 2008

My "altered flip flop"

My in-real-life buddy and blogging pal, Katie aka. Ragamuffin Gal, challenged us to create an altered flip flop.

Ok...I had good intentions to do a paper version AND a digi one, but alas, time has slipped away from me....

So here's my digi version.

Thanks for the prompt helped kick start my creative mojo....
(funny, i went thru a dry period last May/June as well....go figure)...

Here it is...


  1. Kaylea,
    I love it!!! It is sooo YoU!!! Way to go!

  2. ok... i like the flipflop, but i was totally expecting to see a pic of something that goes on your feet.

    your loving cousin (R.)


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