Wednesday, February 13, 2008


No news on the medical front.
Can't file with the insurance for the bills UNTIL the medical cards show up.
The debit counselor was NOT helpful.
Job changes (on ways to prioritize the two "part" time jobs I have at the church) are shaking up the one thing stable in my life....
Detoxing from a legal prescription isn't fun. Someone in the know said at least six more weeks of "detox"....I feel like the groundhog just told me "six more weeks of winter."
I feel like I'm in a deep pit, without a way out.



  1. Kaylea -

    I'm glad your in your own bed. Winter is a dreary time. It will get happier and if you need help ask for it. Ask individuals and expect that people will step up (It's hard to say no to someone who asks you directly) Do you need anything to get ready for Friday? Can I do something to relieve some stress?

  2. Kaylea,
    Sorry I have been a slacker and MIA for you. I finally went through all my emails to respond to later and your email was there! So good to catch up on your blog. I read several posts. Good to know you are up and going. Come chat me up on your latest happening when you can - Much Love and Many Blessings, Katie


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