Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another update

Thanks God for friends.
Denni and Carl Palmer have simply absorbed me into their lives.
Denni found out that can't be alone at night (per dr's caution) until after the EEG scan, and well, I've been absorbed into their world/home/lives since Sunday afternoon.

Got the stitches out on Tuesday - things are healing nicely. Surprisingly well - especially if you've seen the "scars" the mosquito bites left on my arms after I returned home from Brazil a year or so ago.

On Wednesday I had a chance to ask questions - four pages lol - to start to get to the bottom of this "incident". (Yes, the dr just calls it a "medical incident.")

He's pretty confident the "C" word isn't part of the equation. Yes, I asked if it could be a brain tumor.

The best guess is that I passed out/blacked out - which led to the cut above my eye brow. The remaining "incidents" were a mix concussion and other things. (I really don't remember much until about 9 p.m. Thursday evening, when I woke up in ICCU and saw Denni - and thought, good, they called Denni. Then I looked over and saw mom, and thought "crap...I must be sick."

Basically, I caused a few people to "find their faith" Thursday - after I scared the tar out of them.

I also found out how loved I am at the church. One of the adult classes gave me a dozen red roses. I found them on my desk Monday (yes, I tried to go to work for a few minutes between getting a few things at my apartment and just trying to figure out what this week might hold....)
Other than roses from my mom (like 1 or 2 one Valentine's Day in high school) I've never been given a dozen roses....not even from a "guy friend" in college. It made me feel really loved and cherished.

I've also been blessed that the church is letting me tread water - and get my "brain" back into gear after this incident. I'm finally feeling like the fog is starting to lift.

It's funny, Simplicity was my word for the year. I wanted to find ways to simplify my life.
Somehow, I think God has a wicked sense of humor about all of this...
This little incident is making me re-evaluate life, both personally and professionally. I think the key to this year - which I know will be a growing year - will be small, yet obtainable and realistic goals.

For my life personally - I want to be healthy. (Which I started at the beginning of the month, when I joined the JBU/Siloam Springs Memorial Hospital fitness/nutrition program - I had just started to walk, ok, only twice last week, and eat healthy choices last week, when this all happened. I would really love to lose 10 percent of my weight (a good beginning goal) initially. I've already lost six pounds from the hospital stay......hopefully it will stay off....

Otherwise, I want to start apprenticing with Sue Cummings, to learn more about digi design; keep freelancing - even if it's just for small pubs - because it makes me feel creative; and I want to keep developing my photography business.

Professionally, I want to strengthen the church's communications ministry to another level; and I also want to develop a series of brochures and other resources we can use to let the community know about our ministry.

On the children's ministry side, developing the Wednesday night program - Timothy Team - to start in the fall will be the key; along with the mission trip this summer, VBS and the other kid ministry events which are planned for each month.

Slow, steady wins the race.....I just have to remember that.

In the mean time, I continue to heal, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I'm blessed because Randy and the other staff members are surrounding me with encouragement and other support.

I told Randy that other places wouldn't have been so supportive - especially this not being able to be there full time right now - - yesterdays' 1/3 to 2/3 day around the dr visit wore me out....(ok, today and tomorrow's snow days also put a kink in traveling to Siloam from Elm Springs....)

Tomorrow, fortunately, once the e-mail files arrive, I can do everything from Denni's kitchen table....and if the roads clear, she can shuttle me to another friend's house for the weekend - so I can be in Siloam/at the church this weekend to work....

Denni's getting me back Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning (my normal day off), because my EEG scan is Wednesday morning - and I have to stay awake for at least 12 hrs before the scan if not 24 marathon here I come......

But, hopefully by next week we'll have a few more answers...and by the end of next week I can "go back home" ....I love being around people, but I realize now, how sometimes the solitude of my apartment is a blessing.

Plus I don't have the impulse to keep checking e-mail or doing web-based stuff, like this, when I can't sleep because gasp....I have no net at home.....I'm also canceling my "limited" basic cable (the first 20 channels) wasn't what they touted it as in November, when I had it installed, and they also increased the price in Jan....doesn't sound like a lot, but for $15 a month, I can use rabbit ears when I desperately want to watch some network tv, and use the $$ for lattes, books, music and other "fluffy" stuff. Priorities right?....

Anyway, so, that's what's going on right now....I'll know more as each day progresses....tomorrow (today actually) I'll have a chance to have a snow day with K and G, and maybe even get a few other things done.....


Sunday, January 27, 2008

My update

Been sick.
Knocked my head -six stitiches above my left eye - and had a couple of seizures.
All on Thursday.
Spent quite a bit of time from noon on Thursday until noon Saturday iin the hospital.
I'll post more later.
Will be MIA for a while.

say prayers for's been a scary few days.....but they think they know what meds caused everything....

Off to bed...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A way to help out others.....

If you have some extra scrappin' $$ or have a paper scrapper in your life that might want to "dip their toe" into the digi scrapbooking world, here's a great kit you can purchase at Songbird

The cost of the kit, minus paypal fees, goes toward this month's guest artist's charity of choice. I hear the site, which began last summer, has surpassed $10,000 in sales...which means a whole lot of charities are being helped! Last month, more than $1,000 was donated to the Make a Wish foundation in Utah.

So even if you aren't a scrapbooker, surely you can find someone in your life to give this too...

It's a two for one happy deal - donate to a good cause (in this case: Lupus Foundation of America.) and give a scrapper a "random act of kindness" and make them smile.

Here's the info for this month's kit:
For January's kit, we are so excited about our collaboration with Shabby Miss Jenn! Jenn's luscious style is the perfect way to ring in the new year! We are proud to present "Wild & Fancy Free". 100% of this month's profits will benefit the Lupus Foundation of America.

Here's the kit:

Want to purchase the kit?
Visit Songbird Avenue today!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello 2008

A few layouts I've made to celebrate the start of a new year...

All credits can be found at

My New Year's Resolution

Celebrate 2008

(FYI - The above layout is also my first 52 Inspirations: 2008 layout)

Blasting into 2008

O the weather outside is frightful

Ok...right now it's calm, but last night....the Tornado siren went off four times - count them FOUR times - in Siloam Springs.

Oh was freaky crazy....tornado systems everywhere......fortunately, none touched down in Siloam. (Whoosh)....

Anyway...if anyone is worried...I'm fine...D & the gang is fine (she kept calling me, helping me translate "arkansas" and "oklahoma" counties to know what to watch for....I've got to learn the county names around me).

The storms were unusual for hopefully, I won't have to deal with this again until March or April....

Have I mentioned lately, that I hate storms??? I feel like Dorothy landed in Arkansas and is putting up with Oklahoma storms (they are just a few miles from me...)...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goodbye 2007

Goodbye 2007 - What happens when you take three people in their 30s, add scrabble, sparkling juice, cheese and a Law and Order marathon on TNT on New Year's Eve....

Hello 2008 coming soon....

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