Saturday, September 1, 2007

Something that made me go hummmmm....

I was looking for the lyrics for Steven Curtis Chapman's newest single
Miracle of the Moment, and stumbled across this song...

How can I go on pretending
that there’s nothing wrong?
Life has brought me to my knees.
This mask I hide behind is killing me,
There’s nothing left.
Is there anyone who feels like me?

When the smoke is gone
I have to face what I’ve become…

Will You rescue me?
Could you get me out alive?
I’m trying to hold on
but I’ve lost the will to fight.
Will You rescue me?
Take me far away from this shattered life.

‘Shattered Life’ - Seventh Day Slumber

Wow, what powerful words. What longing for God's peace and Jesus' love. Wow.
It just blew me away. Some days, this is what I think....feel

1 comment:

  1. have you heard "stained glass masquerade" by casting crowns? great lyrics too!!


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