Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept. 12

A lot of people posted about Sept. 11, and their reactions to that faithful day, six years ago.

Jessica Sprague posted on her blog about her memories, and her desire to remember a friend killed during the attack.
I've included a bit from her blog, click on her name to read more.

I remember that the entire company shut down that day and they sent us all home. And it was later that day that I learned that my friend Brady was missing from the Pentagon. It was two days later that I learned he’d been killed.

Brady Howell was a born leader (he was the student body president at our high school our senior year). He was smart and hilarious and ambitious and educated, and he was living his dream .... working as a civilian for the department of Naval Intelligence at the Pentagon. ...

I made a promise that I would never forget him. ....That I would never forget to appreciate LIFE, to live it and love it, and be grateful for what I have. That even though our lives are sometimes full of fear and sorrow, it’s a good life, and how glad I am to have it. And how much I want not to waste it. :)

..... Brady, my friend, you will never be forgotten.

Wow. It makes my ramblings, posted in a forum I frequent seem insignificant.

Six years ago, this morning, I was sitting in a newsroom, and my mom called to say turn the tv on. We watched as the second tower was hit.

I don't think I slept much that week. For a small weekly paper, we mobilized and totally changed the front page (we were on press day - drop day).

Cars lined up at one of the gas stations in town, people "freaked" about not having gas, a possible shortage, etc.

People lined up at ATM's, to get cash - the rumor was there would be a shortage.

We tried to track down all of the local residents living in NY/DC at the time.

It was insane. And we were in the Midwest. I can't even fathom what it was like closer to the attacks.

I'm so glad that this year...knock on wood...is going by quietly. I'm thinking of all of my friends impacted by that day, six years ago, and how their lives have changed.

A friend lost/sold his business (a community newspaper) because he was activated immediately after the attack. He held on to it for a year, running it via e-mails and family members for a year -- from Afghanistan. But when the second activation came (after being home only a short time) he had to put it on the market.

Anyway. I can't believe it's only been six years. It seems like longer. Wow.

I remember how scared I was for friends living in DC and NY. How I tried to contact some friends by e-mail, other friends through their parents - Two of my friends from college had to walk home, in NYC, because of everything. They were assistant DA's at the time for the city. (Not at all like Law and Order, from what I hear). A friend in DC from high school said it was an intense time - eerily quiet, broken up by air force planes flying over the city.

I also remember how shocked everyone seemed to walk around in a daze, even in a small town in southwest Missouri. A prayer vigil was immediately organized by the Ministerial Alliance for later in the week. The entire community pulled together to support each other, and those involved in the attacks -- including residents/graduates of the high school who were now living /working on the east coast.

Another blogger/scrapper I "stalk" Ali Edwards wrote about how yesterday was a perfect day to sit back, and record what her gratitudes. "seems like a perfectly good day for counting our blessings."

I took up her challenge and wrote about what I am most grateful for right now:
Thank you for making me take time to do this.
I am thankful for...
...a new job that will challenge me, and use my skills, in new and exciting ways. (I start by the end of the month).
....for my parents, who will help me move 1-1/2 hrs away.
....for friends, who helped me find a new apartment, so all I have to do is say yes, and are doing their best to help me make this transition with ease.
....for a new boss with a sense of humor...today when I called he asked me "how are your feet?" (duh...am I getting cold feet? lol)
(our conversation before I understood ---his comment are in quotes) Um....ok...."are they cold" .... no...huh.....he said...."you aren't getting cold feet yet?" I said...ohhhhh! No, I mean, yes, but too many people will kill me if I back out...namely Denni and my mom...laughing...he said "good, I'm really glad.")
....for an on-line digi/scrapping community who continually inspire and challenge me to do my best.

I'm sure there is more, but this is what I "rambled" on about last night in her comment section.

So what are your grateful for? It's easy to remember the bad. Sometimes we have to take time to think about things which matter most to us --- big or small. Sometimes we have to be reminded to take note of the thing we take for granted, that make our life better. So, what are you grateful for today?

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