Friday, September 28, 2007

ScrapFaith #1 - Tell about the roots of your faith

So, here's my take on the ScrapFaith blog's first challenge - scrap the roots of your faith.

ScrapFaith Challenge 1: Faith Heritage

Faith: has made me who I am. Without it, I am nothing.

Large Journal block:
Faith has always been important in my life.
From an early age, I’ve attended church.
I remember going to VBS at the Methodist and the Congregational Churches in Almena, Kan.,
and the Methodist Church in Carthage, Mo.
Camps and youth group, along with the people involved, laid a foundation of faith within my life.
My faith and my belief in Jesus has shaped who I am, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Faith led me to accept God’s call on my life to enter the ministry, and obtain an M.Div. from Asbury Seminary. The same faith, strengthened by time and age, is what led me to accept a children’s ministry job, seven years (to the month) after I left my last youth ministry position.

Small journaling under photo:
I don’t remember the actual event -- a church potluck -- featured in this photo/news clipping from the Almena, Kan., newspaper. I found this in my baby book. Because of the note, and the cutline, I believe this was taken in the fall of 1976. I was probably in preschool.

Kay Lea Hutson (see people couldn't spell my name even then lol) and her grandmother, Beth Hutson, waited in line for their bowls of soup at the 47th annual Harvest Home Festival of the Almena Congregational Church Monday. (It's killing me not to "edit" the cutline lol...I may be returning to the ministry, but I still have newspaper ink running through my blood!)

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  1. this is a fantastic idea kaylea-- scrapfaith-ing. lots of potential. i wonder if reg johnson knows about this practice.


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