Friday, September 7, 2007

Daily Dose: 1 - 7 Photos

Here are the first seven photos....from the creativity class...
I'll post the rest (or try to) as I

Day 1 - The kitchen sink (aka...dishes? I'd rather scrap, quilt, read...)
Nuf said..

Day 2 - Passed On.

The assignment: Take a picture of something that has been passed on to you. I took a pic of the apple pie plate that always sat in my grandma's kitchen. I made a wall hanging to go with it, and had a quilt rack made. Maybe I'll put it up/hang it/display it in my next apartment.

Day 3: My Town: My Church

The assignment: Take a picture of something that represents your home town. This is my "home" church. I grew up here, and my parents still attend. The people who attend this church played a huge role in my life.

Day 3 - My Town: Carthage courthouse

The assignment: Take a picture of something that represents your home town.
You can't talk about Carthage, without talking about the courthouse. It's made of Carthage marble and is quite amazing. I thought it was a castle when I was little.

Day 4: Your Phone

The assignment: Take a picture of your phone. Since May 2005, I've been without a "land-line" phone. I decided why have two phones? Especially when it just seems like a waste of money to have a house phone, when you carry the cell phone. Since December, I've used a $20 trac phone, because my "good" phone "died" (one week after the warranty expired). After the guys complained enough at work, another co-worker found his "extra" first, we thought it would only ring on vibrate, but Joe was able to download new firmware to make the phone work in all settings.....
so my new ring tone...goodbye high pitch noise, hello "Pirates who don't do anything."

Day 5: Your Favorite Color

The assignment: Take a picture that shows/represents your favorite color. I love hot pink and purple. They are my two favorite colors.
I started using purple pens, as my signature color, in 1992, when I completed my first internship with the Monett Times. The paper's print shop, next door, carried purple pens, and no one in the newsroom would take them. I still use purple pens, really for that same reason.
The pink feather pen, well, I needed a "happy" one day, so I bought it to keep on my desk. I love the bottle it's in, for the design of the label.

Day 6: Your Music

The assignment: Take a picture that shows/represents your music. My iPod. I love my pod. I love being able to carry a ton of music around in this little player. It's not the newest pod (there's a story of course, keep reading) but it works. The battery is a bit persnickety, but it will hold a charge - as long as I keep charging it during the day. I have music to fit every mood on this pod - worship, easy to edit to, "anger" music (aka. the Dixie Chicks), soundtracks. The playlists truly make up the soundtrack of my life. Even Shrek dances to the view of my desk at GateHouse.

Day 6: Your Music

The assignment: Take a picture that shows/represents your music. So the story behind my pod. In 2003, Aunt B., bought a new Volkswagen Bug. She got this as an incentive gift. She initially gave it to my brother, who in turn, let it set in its original box for more than a year and a half. Fast forward to spring 2005, I "dig" through the boxes, and find the pod, knowing that eventually, I would figure out how to use it. Over the summer, a friend showed me how to use it, and when I got my laptop, look out world - I have music! And I've been in tunes ever since. So, that's the story of my pod.

Day 7: Books

The assignment: Take a picture of some books or magazines you have in your home right now. In the spirit of full disclosure, I took this particular photo a while back...ok, more than six months ago...but it shows books by my favorite authors...and keep reading...

Day 7: Book

Notice the pile on the middle book of the books are still in the exact same place. We never said I was the most "organized" person...Hey, as long as I know which pile that particular book is in...that's all that matters right?

No Date: Just Random Pics....

So, If I post a bumper sticker on my car, do you think the Chinese government would sit up and take notice?...Saw this car parked in front of my apartment one morning. I had to take a picture...the fact that it's a foreign car cracks me up.

So this is how Shrek and the gang usually sit on my desk...

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