Monday, September 24, 2007

Arkansas Bound - The Move are the prove
a) that it is possible to move in a stock trailer (I've done it countless times...much cheaper than UHaul) and

b) my new apartment now doubles as a storage unit (until Thursday, when I can unpack).

Enjoy the pics....
My new home - counting down the days until Thursday

It was a tight fit, but Mike helped Dad get the truck into my driveway

Catchin' the stuff....a plant just wanted to fall, but dad (blue shirt) caught it.

Missouri Moving at it's best...Hutson Simmental
formerly known as KWJ Dairy at your

My storage room aka...the "great room"....

The bedroom - the bedroom set fit!
More've given Denni permission to help me
toss some more stuff...hey I got rid of several boxes of books, three years worth of two quilting magazines (or more), and a pickup full of other stuff....
Now, to weed out more "junk" aka...I know I saw some boxes that said "seminary sort before tossing" and I've been out 10 yrs this

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