Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Testing a flckr add-on

I'm testing something I saw on another website. You can use this site BigHugeLabs.com to create different things with your flikr account. So I thought I'd experiment with a mosaic.

1. aug-2007---seek-copy, 2. July-2007---Week-11,-Ari's-, 3. July-2007---Week-18,-turtle, 4. July-2007---Week-17,-original, 5. July-2007---week-29,-fair, 6. Aug-2007---football-layer, 7. June-2007---simplicity, 8. August-2007---Fair-Friends, 9. Aug-2007---Brazil-travel, 10. Aug-2007---now-&-then, 11. June-2007---Dr-lambbie, 12. Aug-2007---30s-tractor, 13. July-2007---Relax-at-farm

I'll probably add a few more things to this post...as I test this resource out.

1 comment:

  1. fantastic mosaic of pages! really inspiring!!!!


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