Friday, August 31, 2007

Defining my Ordinary Life

Ok, the latest thing to "buzz" around the Digi world is to create your own Encyclopida of an Ordinary Life.
Basically, for each letter of the alphabet, you identify three or more "words" which describe you.

Interest in the project began, after the latest Simple Scrapbook Magazine came out earlier this week/late last week, which had a letter from a widower. In the letter, he told about how his wife took Cathy Z's class at a CKU, and began her book. Right after finishing it, she was diagnosed with a fast-moving cancer. He found the book after her death, and he said it helps him remember the "ordinary" things which made his wife special.

So, since Wednesday, numerous scrappers have been making a list, checking it twice and basically jumping on the EOL bandwagon.

I haven't read the pdf, which outlines the course taught by Cathy Z., at CKU, but it's based of a book by the same name.

How do I define myself? What makes me, well, me? How do I want people to remember me.
Sometimes it's easier to "scrap" about other things - Photos I take of random things, pics of my niece and nephew, pics of friends kids.
It's really hard to scrap just about me.

This sounds like an interesting concept. I'll need to let it stew in my brain for a while. My muse hasn't quite "caught on" to the idea, like some people on DigiShopTalk and other forums...but I like it.

My friend Sue Cummings, a designer at, is an amazingly generous woman.
She has this great kit (duh..I'd forgotten about it...shh...don't tell lol....) that has 150 words, from A to Z, that she came out with last year.
Because she's "revamping" the kit, she's giving the first version away to anyone taking part in the challenge.
What a gift.

I'm going to need to "Sort" thru the list tomorrow, to see what words "spark" my creativity buttons.
In the meantime, if you are looking for the freebie, I'm posting a pic of it, and the link below.
So, how would you define yourself? What do you want people to remember you by?

Sue's info here....
The link is
Sue's store at
coupon code: you can find it in the original dst post about EOL...
expires 9/30/07

Here's a link to the master list of EOL stuff at here.

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  1. Wow. How cool is this? I'm off to check out the other links.

    thanks for posting about it on my blog!

    Cathy Z. : )


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