Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Award-Winning Photos

It took some nagging ... I mean encouragement from my dad (and a few other family members), but I did it.

I entered 10 photos into the Photography competition at Ozark Empire Fair (the regional fair) in Springfield.

Even though it was my first time, I had to enter the professional division. Something about getting paid as a reporter/photographer...wouldn't you know it. (As Kim, a friend put it..."You don't want to compete against some grandma do you?" So I did it. It took lots of time, energy and of course $$ to get the entries together.

What a confidence boost. Six of the photos won ribbons. One - my photo from Mudstock 2006 - won grand-champion AND a special award. WOW. I did the Snoopy Happy Dance in front of everyone when I saw the photo and those two, giant purple ribbons. People just laughed at me.

So, here they are.. if you read this, you've seen them before. But you haven't seen them with their ribbons!

I also shot this pic of Collin, with his "twin" photo...


  1. Beautiful work. Congratulations!
    Blessings from Costa Rica.

  2. Hey! I saw those! I was visiting family in Springfield & was at the fair & I must say I was drawn to several of your photos, especialy the graduation one! Absolutely gorgeous, Congratulations! Those are always difficult contests at the OEF!


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