Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A challenge

Robyn E., a scrap-blogger I "stalk" is celebrating her birthday this week. To celebrate, she gave out a freebie on her blog.
The challenge...we needed to create a funky layout using it.
So here's my take on this challenge...

La Femme Fatale

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Some new layouts

I've been catching up on my scrapping duties (for Oscraps.com designers) and here are a few of my newest pages.
I am using the 52 inspiration kits (one kit a week) as kind of a "snap shot" of the week that it came out...kind of diary scrapping.
Here's my "newest" pages...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

To quote, and quote some more....

Here's a couple new quotes, from my favorite inspiration, Ali Edwards....

Just love her blog...

Todd Henry : Art - and life - is about improvisation, discovery and awe. It is about leaning over the edge and staring deep into the abyss. It's about staring into our own inadequacies and, just as we think we might come up short, finding the answer that we need was there all the time. As we create we not only reveal Reality, we reveal ourselves.

Guillaume Apollinaire :
Come to the edge.
We can't. We're afraid.
Come to the edge.
We can't. We will fall!
Come to the edge.
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Looking for JCYF pics?

If you are looking for pictures taken by me during the Jasper County Youth Fair, then you are in the right place. The pictures start later in this blog. If you want to jump to them directly, look over to your right, to the index list.
Find kaytebug photography and click on the link.
This will take you to any pictures I have taken and posted here on the blog.
If you would like to purchase a print, either contact me at kaylea . hutson @ gmail.com (just remove the spaces) or contact the Sarcoxie Publishing Company. They know how to reach me.
Thanks for looking at the pictures.
I had a lot of fun taking them.

This morning - Living in the moment

I am learning to find balance in life. I'm also learning to live in the moment.
Thanks to a couple of blogs by Ali Edwards and Jessica Sprague, I am learning to look at life in a new way. I'm also learning to appreciate the little things in life (like the fun I had taking pictures at the Jasper County Youth Fair Pee Wee Shows last week.)

This week, my challenge is to find time to spend with my 6-1/2 yr old nephew Collin.
Since he's staying with my folks, I spent last night in the guest room...because I was too tired to drive home...

This morning I woke up to "Get up Aunt Kaylea...(with a few bounces on the bed/my back tossed in)" When I got up, and went to get dressed, my nephew immediately said,
"Can I play with your computer (laptop)..."

He wanted to play computer games (I have retro atari games like Pac Man, Pole Position loaded on it for him). Usually I sit in the recliner, holding my laptop and him, so he can play the games, and I can keep the laptop steady.

Typically my brother/parents cringe when I let him play with it or my Pentax DST camera by himself. (Hey, he's got to learn, and we have rules...like, wear the camera strap around your neck at all times..)

Because I'm a softie, I let him sit down in the chair, fixed up Galaxian, and let him
go...he sat there, playing Galaxian (where you shoot the aliens but move back and forth like pong, yes another retro game).

I totally loved the moment. He just sat there, concentrating on the game, while I went on my way to get dressed.

I could have said no, I could have stressed about being late for work, but instead, I simply took time to enjoy my nephew, and get ready for work. (I wasn't late by the way).
I'm totally enjoying this visit.

So my advice today is take time, enjoy life, look at the little things, and simply be.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Last scenes from the fair

I interviewed some interesting students from Carl Junction and Sarcoxie Thursday evening, for the last of my stories for the papers.

It was interesting to see the new generation of ag students and how they are still interested in some of the "traditional" things like exhibiting livestock at the fair.

I always loved showing at the Newton Co. Fair. It was hard work, but fun. (And my summer vacation with the exception of church camp...)

Here are the last shots....
All of the stories/photos will run in next week's Sarcoxie Record and Jasper County Citizen.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Scenes From the Jasper County Youth Fair

I took these pics before and during the Pee Wee show last night at the Jasper County Youth Fair.
Several of the wee ones participating (between the ages of 3 and 7) are connected to people I went to school with or knew in school. The ties of FFA and 4-H continue, I guess.
It's really neat to see the new generation of farm kids getting excited about 4-H and showing animals.
I've made my pics into a slide show. (Or at least am going to try). If you see a pic on here you would like a copy of, please contact me at kaylea . hutson @ gmail . com.
Just remove the spaces (obviously).
Anyway, I'll post a couple of "favorites" below...the rest will be in the slide show.

Here's the slide show

Here's my favorite pics

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pics from the Jasper County Youth Fair Contest

Here are a few pics from the Jasper County Youth Fair pageants - the Country Little Mister and Miss contest, the JCYF princess contest and the JCYF queen contest.

I haven't "named" these so far...just some fun pics. It was fun to hang out at the fair, taking pics and seeing people I've known for quite a while....yep, it's a small world. People I went to school with are starting to have kids who take part in the fair...


Also, here's a slide show that features all of the pics that I took (that turned out)

Rural America - Artsy, Creative Clips

Last night I needed to drive around the county, picking up pics from one 4-H guy, and taking pics of another, so I had the opportunity to take some "Rural America" pics.
I'm really starting to enjoy moving away from regular "journalism" photos and instead taking some artsy stuff along with stuff just for me.
Here's a few from last night.

Rural America

Combine in Field

Ready for Harvest
A Touch of Yellow

Preparation For FairResponsibility
Ready for Fair

From the weekend

Spent the weekend in OKC with some digi-scrapbooking friends. Kind of weird to think that my newest friends came from my involvement at Oscraps.com (I'm on the Creative Team). Spent time with Vicki, her son Alyx, George and Taylor. Totally fun.

Here are a few creative shots.

A Mother's Love

Goofing In The Pool

Yep, I'm Cute

I'm not sure this is a good idea
Practical Magic Moment (it's non - alcoholic I promise!)
Family Traits
Love Always
Friends (yes, I hate having the camera taken away from me!)
I'll Show You Fierce!
A Mother's Love
A New Toy

Move over America's Next Top Model

No More Pictures

It's Good I Think
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