Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ozark Empire Fair

I'm going through my photos, to put together a set of pics for the Ozark Empire Fair, and I've narrowed it down to these pictures, plus the five that I put into Photo Spiva...
I can enter 10 total, 11 if I put one of the pics in the "beauty of the storm" catagory for the January ice storm...

Here are my choices so far, that I need to narrow down...
(and the possible catagories)
The PhotoSpiva Entries

Life in the Ozarks - My Cowboy

People - Little One

People - Leandra

People - Em's Feet

Life in the Ozarks - Fun in the Mud (mudstock)

And the ones which may make the next five....

People - The Graduate

Life in the Ozarks - Pony Ride

Nature - Snowy Bridge or
Beauty of the Storm - Snowy Bridge
(and doesn't count for my 10)

Transportation - Teamwork

People - I've Got A Secret

Nature (water) - Footprints

Life in the Ozarks - Boomtown Days or
People - Sandy Em

Life in the Ozarks - Portrait For One

Still Life - Memories
City Life - Curbside Entertainment

Nature (close up) - Spring Beauty

Transportation - ? name

People - Friendship

1 comment:

  1. These are all great photos!! That looks like it is a lot of fun!!


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