Friday, June 22, 2007

A favorite song

I love this song...just found the video on you tube...

Healing Rain - Michael W. Smith

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ozark Empire Fair

I'm going through my photos, to put together a set of pics for the Ozark Empire Fair, and I've narrowed it down to these pictures, plus the five that I put into Photo Spiva...
I can enter 10 total, 11 if I put one of the pics in the "beauty of the storm" catagory for the January ice storm...

Here are my choices so far, that I need to narrow down...
(and the possible catagories)
The PhotoSpiva Entries

Life in the Ozarks - My Cowboy

People - Little One

People - Leandra

People - Em's Feet

Life in the Ozarks - Fun in the Mud (mudstock)

And the ones which may make the next five....

People - The Graduate

Life in the Ozarks - Pony Ride

Nature - Snowy Bridge or
Beauty of the Storm - Snowy Bridge
(and doesn't count for my 10)

Transportation - Teamwork

People - I've Got A Secret

Nature (water) - Footprints

Life in the Ozarks - Boomtown Days or
People - Sandy Em

Life in the Ozarks - Portrait For One

Still Life - Memories
City Life - Curbside Entertainment

Nature (close up) - Spring Beauty

Transportation - ? name

People - Friendship

Take 2...Cat's manicure

Really, there was nothing wrong with the last just didn't seem to click with the photo...kind of like good photo, good elements, but not good together.
So I changed it up abit...

We'll save the makeup brushes I have my eye on, for when Cat discovers Heather's makeup, say in about 2 years or so....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Better Late Than Never....Happy Flag Day

I happened to catch the street guys hanging up flags last Thursday, in honor of Flag Day.
Here's a pic...I caught them between the last two flags, and the only reason I got this action shot is because they had to wait for a truck to move before they could hang this one...
Not bad for the borrowed point and shoot I had in my purse....

Another CW page

Here's a page I made with pics from CW's visit in April. I believe he is yelling "no more pictures Aunt K," judging by his face. Because he was anti camera during this visit, I had very few pics of him with his daddy....

But this was my father's day page yesterday....
Happy Father's Day Will.

More Catherine Pages.....

Ok, Auntie K had a Cat fix this weekend, as I made three more pages for her baby book.
I love the fact that I can make these in MO and send them by e-mail to the nearest Office Max...a little time for printing, and they are finished! Awesome!
H2 hope you like these.....
(I have at least one more pic to do tonight....)

She's sleeping (again) -- I believe 13 days old...

Daddy's All-American Family

Princess Cat's first manicure....

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thought for the day

Here's the thought for the day.
I did a phone interview yesterday with Trisha Meili, the Central Park Jogger (she was attacked in April 1989 in Central Park, and people didn't "tell" who she was ie... the media kept her name only as "the Central Park Jogger" until she wrote her book in 2003.)

Anyway, she talks a lot about hope and possibilities.....

Here's a rough quote from her (as I write the story/transcribe my chicken scratch)

“I want people to know that they can accomplish more than they ever thought,” Meili said. “They can reclaim their lives, or become a part of the healing process [for someone else].
“Hope and possibilities can emerge, no matter how dire the situation.”

I love that line "Hope and possibilities can emerge, no matter how dire the situation."

She was beaten, raped, gagged, left for dead, lost 75 percent of her blood while she laid on the ground, etc....was in a coma for 12 days, has no memory of the attack and the next six weeks, etc.

But the prayers and support given to her by the public at large, while she was recovering, helped give her the spirit to live.

It's an amazing story. I feel blessed that I got to talk with her.
Enjoy the day.
Life is amazing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More flood pics

Ok, here are some more pics of our "flood" at GateHouse....

The window we had to crawl out of yesterday...
We had to miss the air conditioner (which was working today), and the electrical boxes on the wall.

The waterline on the building. The hole, which was covered by cardboard, obviously let a ton of water into the building.

We guessed that the cleaning crew pulled the trim off the walls, to let the water air out of the walls.

The cleaning crew has just moved our desks around to get different areas dry. Mine is the desk in the corner with the pink feather pen...

The inside of the window, which we crawled thru....EMS personnel kneeled down and helped "push" us out of the window....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Floods, 100th Post

It seems fitting that my 100th post is about a flood that happened within a few moments in Joplin.
I've looked at the time codes on my 10:44 we were watching stupid motorists getting stranded in the water in front of our building.
Roughly one hour later, EMS was having us crawl through the window at the rear of the building, to evacuate.
Within 20 minutes, the water hit the door step of our building, started coming in the door (and we started trying to save the computer equipment/unplug everything), and we had to evacuate because the water was thigh high in the parking lot.

I made EMS save my laptop, external hard drive and my camera -- but I couldn't take pics of us coming out the window, because I was one of the last ones to crawl out think ankle length long knit skirt...UGH...

I guess the water has receded, and we'll be able to work out of Neosho starting sometime tomorrow. They are loading up equpiment now, to save what they can. Hopefully we won't get anymore rain, but the forecast looks like we might get more....

Here are some of the pics...

10:40 a.m.
A good samaritan tries to "push" a floating car out of the water in front of our building.

11:14 a.m.
A truck driver ignores the street closure sign (and two stranded cars) and still tries to get through to the intersection.

11:21 a.m.
The storm system that is covering southwest Missouri (I took a pic of the computer screen)

11:22 a.m.
The water had climbed to the top of the sidewalk, and was just at the door. We started to talk about what we were going to do if it came in the building.

11:30 ish
Shortly after I took the last photo, the water started coming into our building. I spent the first few minutes trying to help a writer from Neosho save and e-mail his story (He was trying to file it from our office) before frantically grabbing stuff and putting it up on my desk. We made sure all of the cords were unplugged and everything was at least up off the floor.

11:40 ish
I took this pic, after I crawled out of a window (near the truck) and waded through thigh high water to higher ground. EMS had us come out of the window, rather than open up the door, because there was more than a foot of water pushing against the glass. At least three co-worker's cars are in the water, and are presumed totalled.

11:50 ish
After we took our boss's laptop to him at the 20th street office, we drove back to the area by our office, to rescue one of our co-workers ... we didn't realize he had walked to the car dealership next door to check on something....The police finally got some "manpower" at the intersection of 8th and Illnois, to stop people from driving through the water....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Last Weekend

Here are a couple of layouts from last weekend's adventure with my cousin and her family.
I'll post more as I create them this weekend.

Welcome Catherine Mikayla

My friends, Heather and Tim, had a beautiful little girl on Thursday, May 31, 2007.
I've been scrapping pics for them, in order to create a baby book for the wee one..
Here are some of the layouts..

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Spent the weekend hanging out with a 3-yr-old (Em) and an 11-yr-old (C) and their mom, my cousin, Beky.
Great weekend.
We laughed a lot. Especially when Em was hanging upside down and she said "I need to be right side up!" and "horses have long necks so they can cough."
Ah, the logic of a 3 yr old...
Anyway, spent the afternoon (Sunday) walking along side Em while she rode Sarge...C & Bek followed on Doc and Sneaky respectively....notice, I was the one WALKING...I'm so tired.
But it's a good tired.
Here are a couple of pics.
I'll post a few more, in scrap layouts in the coming days.
The trio....ready for their ride....

Em & C - true cowgirls

(Em before I got her "bushwacked" by a she has a shiner tomorrow...
Bad Auntie K...can't steer a horse and talk at the same time...I promise I was looking where I was going...the branch was lower than I thought....)

Oh and my friend Heather (the pregnant belly layout a few posts down) had her daughter, Catherine Mikayla on Thursday. Baby and mom are doing well. I'll post some more layouts with the baby as soon as they send them to me...
H2 if you are reading this (why are you on the computer? you have a new baby!) SEND Auntie K pics!!!!!

Oh, and I'll have layouts from MB's 10th birthday party...we did a spa party...funny, none of the boys in her class showed up (we were going to do the spa part later in the evening, but well, it got extended....Between MB's mom and me, well, we have more than 100 pics from the event...
A good time was had by all...
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