Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some artsy stuff

Well, I've had scrappers block....
I've wanted to do anything but sit behind my computer.
Friday night, I painted on an altered project I'm working on...As I get more finished, I'll start posting pics...

Anyway, a site I "lurk" at for "artsy" inspiration, gave out a free kit...then issued a challenge, make a page, Artist Trading Card, or something featuring an altered doll.

Think of it as digital paper dolls. So, I made a page.
Then today, I found a scrapbook purse, the kind you can trade out pages to fit your mood.
I modified my doll page, and made a second, to be my new purse....

Here are the pages...
Inner Beauty

Altered Art Doll
Everything (unless noted) From SA_Invogue Second Birthday Freebie Kit,
Postcard: CAH_CartePostale, Freebie.
Fonts: Bernie Condensed, CK Journaling, CK Bohemiam
Crown: Element created using Pea Stacey Doodles,

Charm & Glow

Everything (unless noted) From SA_Invogue Second Birthday Freebie Kit,
Stacked photo Action, Jen Caputo,
Photo (My mom's engagement pic...she was like, "why are you using it..." (Because I love it!)

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