Thursday, May 3, 2007

Break-ins and such

Well, It's thursday.
Gloomy here, in Mo, with lots of rain.
I'm down today, because someone broke into my parents' home, and used my backpack to carry stuff off... they left my sewing project (Thankfully, because I've only been working on it since May 2005) and one cd case of pics. But they took a different case, smaller, because I guess it looked cute or something.
They probably thought it was full of music...nope, just my pics.

Warning to some who have had me take pics of their kids, I'm not completely sure what was in the case, but I still have originals to almost everything I've shot in the last year or name was in the backpack, but your kids names weren't.

I spent quite a lot of time last night, because I couldn't sleep, looking for what might have been in the case... fortuanately, the obsessive compulsive nature of my world means I think almost all of the pics have been backed up SOMEWHERE. I just have to find them. I found most at home, I think some are backed up at the Big Nickle office....(the old JDC office).

I just keep thinking what if they come back (Sherriff deputy thinks it was kids, walking by without a car, because they only took tiny, carry only things). But now, thanks to venting here, and at work, I'm laughing about it....

We know it was kids because...... ,,,,they drank a half gallon of milk!

Who breaks into a house to drink milk??????

They also had a multi-pack package of Vienna Sausages wrapped in a flannel shirt, but they dropped it before they got to the front door.

They ignored all of the computer/tv stuff, and only took sentimental stuff...I feel violated.
My folks are mad. What a day.

They did leave Collin's 50 State quarter was next to the can of sausage.
Here's to today being better...


  1. omg! that really sucks. I'm sorry this happened, I know just how violating it can be.

  2. K, So sorry to hear about this. I totally how you feel - remember that my car was stolen when I was doing my CPE? It sucks, I know.


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