Thursday, April 26, 2007

My First Attempts of ATC Cards

We had a challenge on where we created Artist Trading Cards. I've never done this. It's kind of "free-style" art. But I'm falling in love with this. Now I'll have to keep making them.... ah, another reason to attach myself to the computer.


Paper: Colorwash GardenPink, Sue Cummings,
Notebook & Word art: From My Chalkboard, Sue Cummings,
Template: Altered ARt Freebie, Carla Gibson,
Fonts: CK Retrospective, CK Doodles

You are
Paper: Colorwash GardenPink, Sue Cummings,
Frame: Bunches One, Sue Cummings, Vicki Stegell, & Danielle Young,
Butterfly: Altered Art Freebie, Carla Gibson,
Word art: Chalkboard Quotes Vol. One, Sue Cummings,
Template: Altered ARt Freebie, Carla Gibson,

Funky Diva
Paper: Colorwash GardenPink, Sue Cummings,
Frame: Bunches, Vol. 1, Sue Cummings, Danielle Young, Vicki Stegell,
Wings: Altered Wings, Carla Gibson,
Crown, Template, Frame: Altered ARt Freebie, Carla Gibson,
Font: CK Diva

King of My Heart
Paper: Colorwash GardenGreen, Sue Cummings,
Heart Brad: Rosemary Kit, Danielle Young,
Crown: Altered Headware, Carla Gibson,
Template, Frame: Altered ARt Freebie, Carla Gibson,
Font: The King & Queen, Typewriter Rough

Create Wonder
Cream paper: schoolpaper_dirty1, Week 17, 52 Inspiration, Sue Cummings,
Doodles: Scratchy Doodles, Lauren Reid,
Create word art, Fairy, Mushrooms, Wand, Butterflies, Orb, Altered Fairy Wears, Carla Gibson,
Grunge Boarder, ATC Template, Altered Art, Carla Gibson,
Wonder letters, Altered Alpha, Carla Gibson,

Visual DNA

My visual DNA.
It really "pegged" me and how I feel right now....
Crazy, goofy and wow.

However, I promise my bedroom isn't THAT bad...getting there though.
There's just so much other stuff to do, that housework gets put aside.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

April pgs - Page 3

Catch Me If You Can

Brown Paper: Colorwash Brown & Dirty, Colorwashed Vol. 10, Sue Cummings, Other Paper: Got Luck, Leah Riordan, Font: CK General Store Swirl: Swirls & Flourishes2, Genevive Sass, Corner Rounder Brushes, Jessica Sprague, Photoshop Friday lessons, (from her blog) Based on Pages 30, 31, Computer Tips for Scrapbookers, Jessica Sprague, Creating Keepsakes

Normally, I don't scrap photos like this. But Ali Edwards posted a photo of her son, similar to this, and I was inspired by how she planned to use her photo. I love how this layout turned out. It really shows off Collin's smile.

New layout - April pages 2

You give me hope

Paper, Quote: Week 15, 52 Inspirations,(Lauren Reid)
White Brush Stroke - mypaintbox_mylittleartist, Sue Cummings,
Font: CK Child's Play
Corner Brushes, Jessica Sprague, Photoshop Friday Blog Freebie.

I love this photo of Collin. I got the idea for the layout from Ali Edwards and Jessica Sprague.
I love how the corner rounder brush of Jessica made the photo a funky, cool shape.

New layout - April pages 1

Kick *** Self Portrait

Red paper, Quote, Staples, & Lable Elements: Week 16, 52 Inspirations,
Brown paper: Colorwash Brown & Dirty, Colorwash Vol. 10, Sue Cummings,
Paint Swatch: Recolored Nantucket Paintbox, Sue Cummings,
Swirls & Flourishes 2, Genevieve Sass,
Font: CK Higgins Handprint

I'm learning to be comfortable in my own skin.
I really don't like my photo taken, but I got this idea from Elise Flannigan's blog....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

He's here!

The love of my life....
Begging like a puppy to use my camera...
Covered in easter egg dye and chocolate milk...
Love him bunches and bunches.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Collin is here

After an "adventure" in the St. Louis airport...., Collin arrived in Carthage on Saturday.
He's been running 90 to nothing, only crashing to a stop at night...and barely then.

I'll post a few pics of his visit within the next day or so...

We've worked out a deal: I can take pics of him, and he gets to use my camera.
I'll also post a few "as seen from Collin's view" pics soon.

Anyway. I'll be a bad blogger this week, just because I'm hanging out with the rug rat....and this weekend, when I am going to STL myself for an adventure, they made me promise not to take my laptop....


Bad Blogger

I've been neglecting my blog....
I found this today, and took the test...
In school I was an "ENFJ" Which meant Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging (the judging meant that I was kind of organized)....

I wonder what the change means

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP)

Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm.

Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.
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