Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update on the job

Well the company was good to me.
I've been moved to another position, effective Monday, at Gatehouseplus.
This is a corporate division, which handles all of the specialty print products.

Part of the position, will let me keep my hand in education, because it will let me develop the NIE (Newspaper in Education) products, which will be used by newspapers within the 18 state operating region of Gatehouse.

I have a few "feelers" out about other stuff, but for now, I'm just moving across town to a new desk.

I should know this week or early next if I have been accepted into the PhotoSpiva show. Fingers crossed. I just want in the show.

Anyway, off to scrap some more pages. I've got a couple of deadlines to meet for the designers I "work" for. Basically, they give me their digital scrapbooking stuff, and I make and post pages to web galleries...I'm designing commericals!
I've got a couple of deadlines to meet for another page call. I'm trying to get published Nationally, and one of my favorite mags page call is in a couple of days.

Have a wonderful, Wonder-filled, day

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