Friday, January 19, 2007

0Scraps 52 inspirations - Week One

I'm doing this page for two challenges; one for OScraps; to use the kit; the other; for Ali Edwards blog; where she challenged people to pick a word and use it for 2007.
I debated using Simplicity; because that seems to be a theme in my life since I got back from Brazil; but the more I searched for quotes; the more I realized my word should be Wonder.
I think I need to stop and look for the things of beauty and wonder within the world.

Here's my first week's page....

Photo: 0087 Beach (Brazil);
Kit: OScraps 52 Inspirations: Week 1
Doodles: Scratchy Doodles, Lauren Reid,
Fonts: Ck Bella, CK Neat Print

I love this picture. I took it while walking on the beach in Maceio, Brazil. I never noticed the people on the beach or the boats in the water until I worked the photo up as part of my "good" pics from the trip.

It's amazing what we overlook...sometimes we forget to see the trees for the forest.
I get so busy with my work, I forget to look for the small things.
I hope this year is different.

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